Analog Triumph RSFA 1000 THUMB The Thruxton 312 is the end result of two rounds of custom work by Analog Motorcycles, and was put together for customer, Chris Durbin. Analog Triumph LSFA 1 The first round of work on this 2007 Triumph involved exhaust mods, a rebuild, and powdercoat of the wheels plus an Analog tail chop and signals. Tony had free reign on the tail chop so he put together an integrated LED tail light array, not unlike those seen on the Tron Legacy Ducati Sport Classic 1000. The good news is that Tony plans to sell these as a bolt-on plug'n'play unit. ...Get in the queue. Analog Triumph Bars The BCR headlight bucket and integrated clocks help give the bike a low, proper cafe profile. Analog Triumph Combo strip For phase two the bike was going to benefit from a substantial make-over with BCR headlight, new paint, new seat, powdercoating and chopped front fender. Analog Triumph LSRA 1 The license plate was relocated to the rear axle, which isn't shown in these photos. Pillion pegs are retained, for those romantic moments. Analog Triumph Number Joker Machine carb covers took care of the air intake. Up front, along with the integrated clock, a new bar-end mirror, fluid reservoir, and brown grips were fitted to match the seat upholstery. Analog Triumph Lside 1 Tony. "The customer gave me free reign on the paint and requested the seat be made brown if I were to have it reupholstered. So I came up with a grey and silver base divided by white, added silver leaf accents with brown and British Racing Green pin striping to add detail. Chris is from Chicago and the Chicago, IL area code is 312 so we decided to put that on the number plate, which was hand painted by my pin-striper Brando." Analog Triumph Bars Clocks "Kiel from Crown Auto Body sprayed the paint as I masked off the design. Art at Rod's Designs re upholstered the seat." Analog Triumph Rside It might be true that you can't go too far wrong with a Triumph Thruxton as a custom base, but as with all the best builds, the devil is in the detail, and this bike combines subtle class with nice details plus quality parts and finish. Owner Chris is probably grinning for ear to ear. And how bad-ass is that rear end? You know you want one. Analog Triumph TailBrake See more from Analog Motorcycles on their website, or here on their Bike Shed pages. Photos by Andrew Barkules