NomadKZ400_17a Analog Motorcycles have been around for a while putting out some high quality builds, but the reason this bike came back to our attention is for the simple reason that it's back in their shop in Gurnee, Illinois, and is for sale. We didn't do a feature when she was originally built, but there have been a few smaller KZ builds around recently and the more we have in our archive for you to enjoy and to be an inspiration, the better for us all. Plus, she's just very pretty. NomadKZ400_14 The bike was originally built a year and a half ago for Rob McAbee; a graphic designer and friend of Tony's who commissioned the build to get into motorcycling. Rob works for Nomad Design Co and is the man behind Analog's website and logo. The bike was co-designed by them both, based on the stuff Rob liked online, and suggestions Tony made along the way. NomadKZ400_18 The donor bike is a 1975 Kawasaki KZ400 and the brief was to build a bike that Rob could cruise to the beach on, where he lives in Northern Florida on the Atlantic cost. Bikes like this really do make the perfect beach-hoppers. Rob's plan was to put a surfboard rack on the bike - but as he's now decided to get a bigger machine for the job (a Triumph Scrambler) this bike is for sale again. Great news for someone out there. NomadKZ400_16 It was a frame-off custom build, with all the usual frame-chopping, seat-building and instrument-simplification - but the engine remained in standard trim as it was already a solid runner and power wasn't the issue. The knobbly tyres weren't put on for show, as they are with some street scramblers. This bike needed to get traction in the sand. NomadKZ400_08 Rob & Tony were both really happy with how the bike turned out, although since the original build it's been upgraded with new Mikuni VM round slide carbs for better fuel delivery, and Tony has added some 3" baffles to tame the exhaust note a little. NomadKZ400_11 The bike is back in the shop being fine-tuned for a new owner, as Tony likes to keep the continuity and quality of his builds going - even if it's a machine he worked on a while back, which is great credit to their work ethos. We hope she gets a great new home and would love to hear from the new owner. NomadKZ400_10 See more from Analog MC on their website and here on The Bike Shed too.