Anvil Madunassa A The innocence of youth, the blank canvas of a classroom window and two boys obsessed with motorcycles. Hollywood movies have us believe that this is the recipe for underachievement and delinquency, but these boys were red blooded Italians from 'Motor Valley' in Northern Italy. A corridor of automotive excellence, engineering prowess and something in the water that makes people want to go fast, and look good while they're doing it. Marco and Alessandro are now all grown up and under the Anvil Motociclette banner have successfully turned, machined and welded their dreams into reality. Their latest work is the ideal weapon for the local strade blanche, in fact the muddy shot below was taken after a 70km thrash from Bobbio to the Passo del Penice. Anvil Madunassa B A customer supplied this '91 Honda NX650 Dominator and the design theme of classic motocross. The Dommie was stripped back to a bare frame and to get the lines right for a new subframe. A stubby aluminium rear fender keeps most of the muck at bay and provides a mount for the tail light. That and a near horizontal licence plate are the only nods towards legality, indicators are dealt with by postulation. Anvil Madunassa C The saddle is thin and covered in stitched cow, just enough for sliding toward the tank in a berm (mind the testicoli on the latch though) and well out of the way for stand-up whoop sections. Motard wheels with Conti TKC 80s hold on in the rough stuff and are just about usable on-road. The forks and shock have been firmed up to cope with the owner's slightly wrist-heavy riding style. Anvil Madunassa D The motor is stock with custom 2-into-1 exhaust headers and 60s style cherry bomb silencer. There doesn't look to be much room for baffling in there so you'll hear the Madunassa coming before you see it. Anvil Madunassa E The fuel tank is from a flea market and is of undetermined origin but painted up is reminiscent of a Matchless scrambler from yesteryear. Race side plates conceal the electrical gubbins, keep mud and water out of the K&N style filter whilst visually balancing the skimpy rear end. Race numbers nearly always look cool too. Anvil Madunassa F The cockpit is minimal too, a set of Renthals with classic grips to hold on to, a couple of levers and that's it. Who needs gauges when your goggles are covered in mud and visor tear-off is the only necessary distraction. Anvil Madunassa G Colloquialisms from old Northern Italian dialect seem to exist to enable folk to name their mechanical creations, think Lambourghini's 80s poster car. Apparently a dude from the North wandered into the factory to do some work, saw the jaw-dropping cars being rolled off the line and exclaimed "Countach!!". It later turned out he meant Wow! In a similar vein the customer arrived at Anvil to collect his Honda and exclaimed "Madunassa!!" Resident language expert Francessco figured "Little mother Mary" or OMG in modern terms. The name stuck. Anvil Madunassa H This Dommie seems to have been pretty well received by the custom bike world so check out their other work here and we'll no doubt have future builds in The Shed from this spirited duo.