I've spent the majority of my working life immersed in the world of historic vehicles and am not only in tune with the nostalgic attachment placed on what are essentially inanimate objects but at one point in time, I thrived on it. I'd stand on the infamous banking at Brooklands, walk through the tunnel at Monaco, wade through undeveloped negatives in the LAT archive and stare at the hairy corners at Goodwood, Le Mans and Silverstone, daydreaming that I had been teleported back into sepia-toned-times. The endeavours, bravery, achievements and ingenuity seemed, to me at least, more important than the cars, bikes and planes themselves. Having since spent half a decade reporting on a culture of hacking-up machines in pursuit of projecting individualisation I now find myself slightly torn. Should ultra rare and historically important things be restored to their former glory, enjoyed in a patinated state, or used as the basis for show stopping mechanical sculpture? For now I can't quite decide. But what I do know for sure is that Dimitry Golubchikov, the creator of this masterpiece and founder of Zillers Garage in Moscow, should be celebrated - whatever your opinion on his choice of donor bike, a Vincent Lightning. Woooow there! Dear Chairman of the Autosol Owners Club, you needn't fret. This is a replica engine produced, under licence, by JMC Classics. No actual Vincents were harmed in the construction of this motorcycle. Now, for me personally I don't really like the bike as a whole but the craftsmanship makes me happy and sad in equal measure. I love that people with this level of talent exist. The internal brake disc setup alone is worthy of the highest accolade, my brain hurts just imagining how it went from thought to programming the milling machine. But sad because even if I quit my day job this afternoon and hit the tools, I'd never achieve this level of refined engineering prowess. Heavy sigh. Dimitry will be entering his bike into the AMD Championships, next October. If it doesn't win I'll eat my hat. In the meantime head to the Bike Exif website to enjoy the full feature and more photographs. But had Dimitry used an original Vincent would that be such a crime.....? All bikes are, after all, just a collection of molten minerals from the earth's crust that have cooled and been fettled into various shapes. See more from Zillers Garage via Facebook | Instagram And join the discussion at Bike Exif Images by Alexey Sulima