CB450DX & CB900 2 Badajoz in Spain is a city of just 150,000 inhabitants, but despite the small population MOTOBIKE Badajoz has scored three builds since they launched their partnership with Mario Salorino, building cafe/brat style customs. CB450DX rside 1 After showcasing Mario's own Honda 400 and their lovely CB900F a new client turned up, with designs on turning a Cb450Dx into a street scrambler. CB450DX Bars 1 This bike didn't get any major changes or upgrades to the suspension, brakes, wheels or overly expensive accessories, but was an exercise in seeing what can be done on a modest budget - but the little Honda still benefited from a thorough mechanical restoration and elaborate new paint job as well as all the usual chopping, hiding and fabrication that goes into a "less-is-more" build. CB450DX FA Lside 1 The bike has a 1970s scrambler stance with upswept, wide bars for plenty of steering leverage and a commanding riding position. CB450DX Bars 2 The carefully sculpted seat has beautiful upholstery with diamond stitch and tasteful piping, and enough padding for hours in the sadde, or a passenger. CB450DX Sesat For a budget build this bike punches well above it's weight in terms of looks and finish, and we look forward to seeing what Mario, Juan and Ricard come up with next. CB450DX Rside RA 1