BESI_CR 08 The KZ200 isn't a motorcycle we see often here on The Bike Shed, but in Indonesia the 0.2 litre Kawasaki holds a special place for bikers, as it was the first official 'big' cc bike to be imported into the country, so it represented a certain coming of age, and if you had one, you were the man. BESI_CR 07 COMP 1 This passion has remained with Mahatma of Besi Moto Project and he has turned several of these iconic machines into lovely customs, covering flat trackers, cafe racers and brats. BESI_CR 05 Besi means Iron in Bahasa, Indonesia, and Mahatma's vision was to "blend and tame cold hard iron into moving art on two wheels". BESI_CR 07 COMP 2 This cafe racer build is a 1980 bike, wearing a Yamaha LS3 tank and custom seat and has been called "The Sweetest Thing". The overall look and feel, the paint and the headlamp style are a slight departure from their usual House style. The bike took two and a half months to build and Mahatma is rightfully pleased with the result. BESI_CR 09 BESI_CR 01 Here are a few more bikes - mostly Kz200s - from Besi Moto Project in Bahasa, Indonesia... BESIMP_T02_01 Latest Torpedo 01 Gino 02_Low Below - TVS Apache (Indian Made) BESI_DIDIT PROJECT 01 Low Follow Besi Moto Project on their website. IMG_0184