If we could read Japanese we would tell you all sorts if interesting things about Big Moon Custom Motorcycles and Paint Shop in Japan, but we can't so instead we'll let the pics - and some common sense - do the talking. The XS is a common platform for Cafe customs although few of these Yammies seem to end up as scramblers with high pipes and old-school high 'crosser' bars (although there's no mudguard to deflect those stones away from the face and headers). This 650 is lovely. We seriously dig the metallic paint in Yamaha's retro block design and logo. There are also some nice handmade parts from the rear-sets to the side-mounted plate holder (not seen one quite like this before) and the low indies are a nice touch. Big flakes were a must-have when they mixed the paint. Nice work on that plate mount and rear light array. Drilled foot controls and brackets are more 70s race-rep than scrambler, but they look cool. Quality stitching on the seat. Looks comfy too... The rider's eye view. Overall it's a lovely little ride. We'll keep an eye on these guys and post up with anything else that catches our eye.