This time last year we were getting ready to open the doors at Tobacco Dock to 17,000 people, gathered to see over 250 curated custom motorcycles, alongside live music, a wide selection of great food, half a dozen bars, tattooing, curated retail brands, photography, film, live art and barbershop, with everyone enjoying in a festival atmosphere in the heart of London - all backed by the manufacturers. It was our tenth show, and our best yet. If it wasn't for the lockdown, we'd be welcoming you all again to another world-class event, but sadly that wasn't to be. However, we knew that our favourite builders were still building bikes, and many were still were being readied for a show that now couldn't happen. We had to find a way to bring them to our audience - so - we created the optimistically titled, Bike Shed Unlocked, a virtual video custom bike show, made by the builders to showcase their own work, from the shed builders to the pros, and we even expect a few manufacturer builds to crop-up in the coming days and weeks - as we like this idea so much, the event is staying live for the forseeable future. As is our way, we built a microsite, so stop reading this and head over to the website to feast your eyes, and look out for more fresh builds as they drop into our submissions pages.