Boor Custom are a brand new outfit based in Hungary who have just begun building cafe racers from recycled Japanese donors, and already have two stunning builds under their belt. Csongor Farkas wrote to us at the bike shed with pics and links to their website, and we were more than honoured to help them get their hard work noticed and appreciated in our growing community. The way Csongor describes things, it's clear that he's loved bikes from childhood, and has always dreamed about carving up the roads on something unique and with attitude, and that dream just wouldn't go away. The story picks up a few years ago when Csongor and his crew got into the revival of the British inspired Cafe scene that spread it's wings into the US and Europe and evolved the genre into what we see today. This new class of cafe/custom fit perfectly into their ideas, so they started work on two bikes, and although they were cautiously optimistic about the results, they were overwhelmed by the positive response they got from other people at events and exhibitions. As with most builds it's all about hiding the ugly stuff, like batteries and electrics, while simplifying the lines and "adding lightness" by taking all the crap away and replacing it with lighter parts. With this Yamaha XJ600, the battery was mounted at the foot of the rear swingarm. The most challenging part was changing the original rear central suspension strut to give that classical double-sided look. They found HD Sportster parts were perfect. We welcome this newest edition to the cafe/brat style custom scene and hope to see many more builds from these guys. As Congor says: "Our conception is to create a simple and clean design by hiding such parts of the motorcycle as the battery, electronics and certain shapes. Details and the brands you can find on the website ( - the result speaks for itself." If you like what you see, follow Boor Custom on their website or on Facebook.