This is Brendan's Ducati - it seems to be based around a 900 SS on sexy 5 spoke aftermarket wheels through Ohlins suspension, and sporting a neat 2 into 1 with home-made end can, as well as some tasteful bodywork on a custom subframe, and enough orange paint to make a R series KTM look muted - then there's the open clutch, open belts, wavy rear disc, Brembo goldlines, unboxed carbs, but that's pretty much all we can tell you, as we have - for the first time - failed to track down the owner... The bike came to our attention on Radical Ducati's Facebook pages, and it looks as though it was sent in to them as a fan's bike that had been "radicalised"... But we're not sure. We sent RD an email a few days ago and asked them to pass it on to Aussie Branden in the hope that he might get in touch and tell us more, but nothing yet, so - since the theme of the week is impatience, we've decided to share the pic for all you Cafe-Ducatisti afincionados anyway. We hope you approve. If you have a Ducati SS then surely bikes like this just make you wanna get the spanners out... Check out the worn edges of those tyres. Proper.