Classifieds Thumb Buying or selling a custom motorcycle is a pain in the arse. If you're a seller, where do you go to sell your Shed-built or Pro-built pride & joy to a buyer that understands the value of the work you've put into the bike, or the reputation of the workshop that built it for you. If you're a buyer, what website can you put in a search for 'cafe racer' or 'brat-style where you don't get loads of junk to browse through. We hope the Bike Shed Custom Classified will become the place to buy and sell the kind of bike you see in features on these pages. ...In fact about a third of the bikes we list in the classified have been featured as a story, from pros and amateurs. Not all ads are accepted. We reject about half the submissions. No junk, no plain donors, no confusion, just Bike Shed style bikes for sale, from people who know, for people who know. We've only been up and running a few months, and we haven't made a song & dance about it, but we've already displayed about 100 bikes and sold a third of them already. Give it a ago. Prices are simple. £10, $16 or €12 gets you an ad which stays up till the bike is sold. Once you've sold your bike, let us know and we'll mark it as sold. Keep your pics under about 2000 pixels wide, and bear in mind the shape of the main thumbnail image, which displays at 700x425 pixels on the feature page and will be reduced in the same aspect ratio on the browsing pages. This shape... FOR SALE SIZE View the Bike Shed Custom Classifieds HERE Submit a bike HERE