58 Merry, Sign & Foundry We were clearly mental. Or at least that's what most people thought about the idea of putting on a second Bike Shed exhibition just a few months after the first, and to be fair, they were probably right. It was all because the first event worked so well, but it left us feeling like we'd only told half the story. Osvaldo Coutinho Cove First of all, even though we've been around for a couple of years, the Bike Shed is still the new kid on the block. With our first event we invited all the builders and aficionados we'd got to know via the website to take part in a show, but not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and the online Nerdosphere, so once we became something real and physical, we got to know a whole bunch of new people, with new builds and new ideas. 3 David Marvier S1 1 The other thing that happened was the UK motorcycle press suddenly seemed to wake up and embrace the cafe/brat/new wave scene, with special reports on our Event alongside new coverage of the International custom scene, with multi-page features and commentary from the likes of BikeEXIF's Chris Hunter and Roland Sands appearing in the mainstream mags. 4 Flix Flixa Shinya So - the summer was barely warming our backs and already it seemed like there was a whole lot more of the UK's 2013 story to tell. New builders were knocking on our doors, new friends arrived with great art and photography, and hundreds of people wrote in and said "if only we knew, we'd have come". 7 Barry T UMC BT We knew the second event had to be bigger and better but we loved our location in central Shoreditch and the team who run it, so we persuaded Shoreditch Studios to let us use the new space they had over the road in addition to the arches we'd used before. We also decided to take their yard and add a rain proof cover and astro-turf the floor to create an indoor-outdoor space that would be comfortable whatever the weather threw at us. 42 James McCombe Dutch We also wanted to continue to provide a welcoming space where people could bring their families and non-bikers would feel at home, so we amplified our efforts to provide great food & drink (from Street Kitchen), seating and other stuff to look at besides bikes. 8 David Marvier OTR 2 After being repeatedly asked where the beers were, we sorted out a Bike Shed bar, with beer, wine and martinis, while Billy & Bo did haircuts and Woody took care of the ink, as this had worked out so well last time around. 23 David Marvier Frankie Billy & Bo

Frankie from Billy & Bo (above) and Woody (below)

26 David Marvier Woody Our new event hosted over 60 custom built bikes from 43 builders, making room for around a dozen shed-builds, and new talent builders too.

5 David Marvier Shinya Comp

The exhibitors ranged from megabrand builders like Shinya Kimura, Spirit of the Seventies and Deus Ex Machina, through to the new young guns like Auto Fabrica, Old Empire Motorcycles, Cafe Racer Customs, Kingdom of Kicks and 4h10 from Paris, with plenty more established talent sandwiched in between from all around the UK and Europe. The full list of exhibitors is near the bottom of the page. Dan Paints Shoreditch Studios were also kind enough to let us take control of their outside space under the railway arches so we could create some Bike Shed signage, which was taken care of by Dan and Mark. Huge thanks to Dan (from Decreate) for spending the day translating our A4 sized logo graphics into a mural that became the focal point of hundred of photos and Facebook profile pics. David Marvier OTR New Art was supplied by Conrad Leach, Benedict Radcliffe and Corpses from Hell, with photos from Kristina Fender and Merry Michau, and projected films supplied from builders all over the world from the likes of Blitz, Ellaspede, Old Empire, Untitled, El Solitario, Fuel and many more. 10 David Marvier SotS ER-6 We also wanted to bring in more of the London street-using community into our world. In Europe, Australia and the US a lot of the new cafe racer, scrambler and brat style riders come from scooters, bicycles and skateboards, and in London the fixie scene has been leading the way in combining two wheels with cool places to hang out, so, we crossed the great divide into pedal-power by exhibiting Era Cycles' Barry Sheen tribute bicycle and Tom Donhou's insane world speed record attempting bike. Tom D & Era Over the weekend we had 5000 visitors in all, with around 120 exhibitors and staff. The Saturday was rammed full from the minute we opened our doors and barely let up till around 3pm where things mellowed to a manageable pace. Any more and we'd have been told to close the doors by security staff. Phew. The best thing was the mix of people. We knew that the bikers would come but we also loved seeing people turn up without crash helmets too, and even better if they had their families with them. 12 David Marvier Bike Park 4 For us it was an amazing experience. We can't thank all of you enough for coming and taking part, and trusting us to put on another quality event. Whether you were an exhibitor, an artist or photographer, volunteer helper or visitor, we needed each and every one of you to make such an enjoyable weekend. 9 David Marvier OTR 1 And, what next? is the question we get asked the most. We'll definitely keep putting on the shows, to help bring new people to the new wave custom scene, and we hope that more and more of you will take part and turn up. Meanwhile, we're also looking for a permanent home, so watch this space. 13 David Marvier Bike Park 2 The photos on this page were taken by a dozen or so BSMC members, exhibitors and visitors. There are hundreds to view, and many are linked via our Facebook Pages & Album. Also see more on this Facebook album from David Marvier. 25 David Marvier Vikki 1

Vikki - AKA The Dutchess - without whom there would have been total choas.

11 David Marvier Ali 1

Ali - Sheditor, staff-wrangler, keeper of the plinths and owner of too many bikes.

14 David Marvier Bike Park 3

Special thanks has to go out to our BSMC volunteers; Ali, Gareth C, Gareth R, Mark, Ross, Ben, Tom, Steve, Tim, Caroline, Peter, Hugo, Pete & Elaine, Nick, Tim, David, Martin & Barry. Without you guys, the event would not have happened, would never have been so friendly, and we could never have afforded your talents if we'd had to pay you. 15 David Marvier CFH 1

Maxwwll AKA Corpses from Hell

16 David Marvier Benedict R 1

Benedict Radcliffe's life-sized Honda Goldwing sculpture. Just needs a frame chop & loop for a Brat-style makeover

17 David Marvier Black Bullet

Gunnar's z750 "Black Bullet"

18 David Marvier OEM

Old Empire Motorcycles Honda 250 Superdream - AKA "Hunter"

19 David Marvier Bike Park 5 20 David Marvier SK1

Probably the best streetfood in the world, from Street Kitchen

21 David Marvier SK2 22 David Marvier Studio 1 24 David Marvier Yard 1 28 David Marvier Yard 2 29 David Marvier S1 2 30 David Marvier Yard 3Osvaldo Coutinho Cove 4 er6

Spirit of the Seventies ER-6, Shinya Kimura's Firebolt, The Deus Mono and it roCkS' Sunburn.

Osvaldo Coutinho Deus 31 Dean Ashton - kevils 2

Kevils Speedshop

32 Dean Ashton 4h10

4h10's Guzzi (aka the Bike Shed posterboy)

33 Dutch Pic 5

Urban Rider's store, with the Bike Shed special edition Speedsters from Davida (below)

34 Dutch Pic 6 35 Gareth R AF2

Young guns, Auto Fabrica

36 Her Manus CLeach Jesus

All motorcycle faiths welcome... "Jesus Loves You Too" by Conrad Leach

37 Gareth R & Mark J 2

Motoboard, also from Conrad Leach (L) with Nick's Pantah (R)

38 Gareth R RBK

RB Kustoms' xs650

39 Gunnar Hall & Bike 40 itRoCkS Studio 1 Cove 44 Johnny Moto CX500

The bike park was almost as cool as the exhibition.

41 James McCombe Comp

Clutch Customs, Marc's SR500, Untitled Motorcycles' Board-tracker

45 Mark J S1 1 46 Oily Rag Arch 2 47 Merry Graffitti UR 48 Merry Bar & D&O

The bar, a fitting location beside the guys from Down & Out Cafe Racers (it was in their contract)

49 Oily Rag Bulldpg 2

Old Empire Motorcycles' "Bulldog"

50 Oily Rag CFH

Corpses from Hell's jackets preside over trackers from TH1RTE3N Motos.

51 Oily Rag COMP 52 Oily Rag KF

Huge prints from Kristina Fender

53 Oily Rag S1 Cove 2 54 Oily Rag s2

Oily Rag's Triumph bobber

55 Oily Rag OTR CL

Over the Road's indoor/outdoor yard...

56 Oily Rag OTR Honda 57 Paul Deba Dave Parr The Full list of exhibitors and participants included: Moto Guzzi, Deus Ex Machina, Urban Rider, Shinya Kimura, Spirit of the Seventies, Untitled Motorcycles, Old Empire Motorcycles, Kevils Speedshop, Cafe Racer Customs, Auto Fabrica, Kingdom of Kicks, Corsa Italiana, Foundry Motorcycle, 4h10, Clutch Customs, Down & Out Cafe Racers, Thirteen Motos, Muff Customs, RB Kustoms, Krazy Horse Customs, CMBL, it roCkS!, Racefit, Oily Rag, Da Bolex, Sideburn Magazine, Benzina Magazine, The Ride, ODFU, Era Cycles, Tom Donhou, Conrad Leach, Benedict Radcliffe, Corpses from Hell, Kristina Fender, Merry Michau, Maple Motorcycle Jeans, Woody, Billy & Bo, The Street Kitchen Huge thanks to Moto Guzzi, Deus Ex Machina and Urban Rider for having enough faith in us to sponsor the event. People Comp 4 Also, big thanks to Merry Michau, David Marvier, Simon Krajnyak, Gareth Roberts, Mark Jackson, Dean Ashton, Gunnar Broucke, Andy Geeroms, Osvaldo Coutinho, James McCombe, John Eldridge, Johnny Moto and Dave Sutton for the pics on this story (Hope I didn't miss anyone). See you at the next one? Dutch, Vikki, Ian, Ben & Adam & The BSMC CAMPAIGN 4 ONLINE version