BSMC EVENT III - GEAR GALORE! If you’re looking for gear, then you need to get along to the BIke Shed Show at Tobacco Dock next weekend. Apart from an outrageous display of the most mouth-watering, envy-inducing, breathtaking custom machines, there’s going to be seriously good gear for you to part with your hard-earned readies on. We have Son Of Stag, with their handsome array of premium leather and American and Japanese denim, MotoLegends with a whole host of gear from jackets through gloves to lids. Ruby and Davida will be showcasing their exquisite top end helmets whilst Barbour will be showcasing their bike inspired collection. Top custom builders Foundry Motorcycles will be selling the excellent Churchill gloves and the superb Gasolina range of boots amongst other stuff. Rev It will be presenting a select range of their dedicated bike gear, and Maple’s Kevlar lined Selvedge jeans will be up for grabs. ODFU will be selling their apparel, and 78 Moto are displaying gloves and helmets. Bolt London will be offering an eclectic selection of wares and Muff Customs will be retailing in a joint-hosted lounge with Kingdom Of Kicks. Magazines FTW and Esses will be on sale. The BSMC will be selling our own brand of T-shirts and caps, whilst selling a variation of Ts from builders and niche brands. Not to mention stickers, stickers and more stickers! Customised helmets from Custom Lids Malta and Dry British will be exhibited and offered for sale, and hand made leather-wear will be crafted on site and sold by Duke & Sons. So hit the cash-point before you come, and have your sponds ready. (Some retailers, but not all, will take cards).



DRY BRITISH - CUSTOM CRASH HELMETS Dry British aka Steve Millington is an illustrator, sign writer and engraver. He combines a distinctive illustrative style, with an expert hand in sign-writing, and his northern humor. With traditional skills and a fondness for all things vintage, Dry British undeniably has one foot firmly planted in the past but is always looking forward.


Steve has been busy applying his sign-writing skills to customising two wheelers both as an avid scooterist and now as a biker, and both Lambrettas and Harleys have been stroked by his brush. He has now turned his hand to a series of stunning one shot enamel customised helmets in collaboration with Andrew Almond at Bolt. Using Biltwell Gringos as a base, these lids are bright, bold and striking.


Dry British's work has included LP covers, ad campaigns, clothing designs, animations and an ongoing series of books. His clients are wide ranging; from the illustrious Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall to the corporate world of Virgin and McDonalds and everything inbetween. Much has happened over the past few months since the launch of Bolt, most notably a transformation of the space which has grown organically with new fittings, new products and new artists added each week.


Dry British are exclusively represented by Bolt London. Dry British will be exhibiting and Bolt selling a selection of the lids at the BMSC III Event next weekend.



DUKE & SONS - LEATHER GOODS The handmade leather products from Duke & Sons Leather are inspired by heritage brands with authentic characteristics, artisans who’ve made the same quality products for decades without making any sacrifices to quality and material. Often these products are still made by hand or on the same machinery that has been used since the early twenties. DUKE_&_SONS_3 Duke & Sons Leather makes hand made quality products which will last a lifetime.


As a designer who has been used to spending his working day behind a screen, Jan Den Hartogh realized he was missing something important in life so decided to do something creative with his hands.


He drew reference from heritage goods and brands that have the wisdom to know the difference between progress and improvement, which is why a pair of Red Wings from 1905, or a Filson jacket from 1914 are largely the same as the way they make them today. They hit on a good thing, and were smart enough to stick with it.


Inspired by these craftsmen, Jan decided to learn the skills himself and by ‘learning by doing’ he’s taught himself the craft of quality leather work. His work ranges from wallets and key fobs, to phone covers and journals.


Jan works with natural ‘vegitan’ leather and has developed his own coloring which gives his products a great vintage and heritage look. Jan makes stock items and collaborations but you can also contact him directly if you want something truly unique custom made.


Jan will be making goods on site at the BMSC III Show at Tobacco Dock next weekend.


RIVET & HIDE For those of you like myself who like quality selvedge denim, you’ll be excited by the opening of Rivet & Hide’s London shop. They stock rare denim and other apparel where “you can trace every stitch”, clothes that are built to last. The focus is on low volume, high quality products, that are uncompromising in construction and quality of materials. “Small batch producers that obsess over the finest details, just like we do”.


They sell rare selvedge denim because that’s what they love and know best. Nothing is pre-distressed, that’s left up to the punter through good honest wear. “Over time it will age beautifully and tell its own unique story”. The store stocks some of our favorite niche brands, such a Hiut, The Flat Head, Iron Heart, Indigofera, and a host of Japanese brands such a Plue Blue Japan and Real Japan Blues. Some of the brands are familiar, but part of the concept is to bring new and less well known denim producers through.


Although the focus is on denim, they carry some excellent work shirts and own branded leather wear. Hemming can be chain-stitched in store on a super-rare 1950 Union Special 43200g machine.


Worth mentioning is the exquisite shop fitting, an understated build exquisitely crafted from reclaimed iron, steel and wood. Junior and owner Danny are on hand to give any advice on all things indigo, and to chat denim. This a friendly place where you can take your time to buy the right pair of jeans, which is just right as they’ll be with for years to come. The shop is located at 5 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JA. You can also buy online.


The photography is by Horst Friedrichs.


TENDER CO. - ‘BRONZE FORK’ BLACK STAINED GRAIN OAK BARK TANNED LEATHER BELT Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. On a steam train, the tender was the truck which carried the coal and water to power the locomotive, and was coupled in between the engine and the carriages. They were built incredibly solidly, mostly from riveted cast iron, and had to hold enough fuel to take a train weighing many tons all over Britain.


The other important face of Tender’s English-made clothing is the nurture which is put into the clothes: in their painstaking research, design, manufacture, and wear. Tender intends that owners will live in their clothes, wearing them hard. Tender is the brain child of the wonderfully obsessive William Kroll. He is literally hands-on with his products, hand dying unsanforized denim, hand tans his own leather, hand casting his copper. Tender's 'Bronze Fork Buckle' belts are cut, sewn, and gold foil stamped by hand in England, from leather tanned for 18 months in England using oak bark liquor. The buckle is lost wax-cast in England from solid bronze, using a caster's pattern hand constructed in England.


The 'fork' buckle is the first in Tender's collection to have two prongs. The fastening mechanism is similar in concept to a standard Western plate buckle. However the stud on a plate buckle points inwards, and can pop out if the wearer's jeans are pushing against it too hard. The two prongs on this fork buckle point outwards so that the mechanism becomes more secure as pressure is put on it from inside. Initially Tender's belt buckles were cast in brass, an alloy of copper and zinc. This buckle, however, is cast from bronze, a similar alloy but with a higher copper content. The extra copper gives bronze a slightly darker, pinker, cast, and over time it will patinate darker than brass does.


The leather is heavily greased, that can leave a white residue on the surface of the skin- this will rub off easily, and is a desirable characteristic of this natural product. This belt comes at a premium, but the sheer man hours and quality of materials make this belt worth every penny.




FILSON DUFFLE BAG There comes a time when you simply can’t fit all of your belongings into your pockets and jump on your bike. So you grab a bag, but not just any old bag. After all, it needs to look as good as the rest of you. Filson have been at the top of their game since C.C. Filson opened his first store in 1897 supplying goods to outfit the stampeders to the Klondike Gold Rush. Two centuries later, their products still stick to their founders beliefs of producing goods from the finest materials available with comfort, protection and durability at the forefront of each one.


If you need a solid piece of luggage, then you’d be hard pushed to find one better than the Filson Duffle Backpack. Large enough to carry anything you might throw at (or in) it, the tough lightweight Cordura nylon outer will keep the contents safe while the attachable hood will help protect them ever further in wet weather. The large drawstring top and zippered front make it easy to get to your stuff easily and the front pockets are perfect for keeping your smaller possessions. When you’re not on the bike, the padded, stabilised should straps will detach easily so that you can slide the back of the bag onto rolling luggage handles.


Available in subtle black or the slightly more garish camo for those looking to blend in, this truly is a wonderful bag.