BSMC GEAR GUIDE ALT 2 The BSMC Friday Gear Guide Continues in week two with something for the ladies included, which we were asked about in our first outing. We will always make an effort to find good kit for girl bikers, as there's not much out there, plus we'll try to show you new stuff that isn't already out there, but some products are becoming well known staples which we just can't ignore... SCB side front PRODUCT REVIEW - AERO BARNSTORMER WITH SHAWL COLLAR Riding in the winter months can be brutal, and the cold can batter the soul. Winter 2012/13 was so bitter, I saved some coin and ordered an Aero Barnstormer in the spring. It arrived in good time for the autumn drop in temperature. I’ve worn this jacket all winter on the bikes and can safely say it is the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned. These jackets are made to order, so you’ll get it true to size, so the fit is perfect. Shearling lined across the chest and double breasted, it keeps my core temperature warm in the nastiest of conditions. The length works for riding, cut high enough not to gather, but low enough to keep the tackle and backside covered. The build quality is exemplary, and the hide thick and durable. It will take several seasons to break it in fully, but this is certainly a jacket for life. The more I wear it, the better it looks and feels. SCB cuff Based on a traditional US design known as the Mackinaw, Aero launched this model in 1990 as the Barnstormer, and it has become the generic name for the style. It’s history lies in the early days of flight, where the cargo and mail pilots only had their flying coats to keep the elements at bay. The first choice was double-breasted horsehide for its warmth, strength and durability. Aero Leather Clothing Ltd have been making the highest quality leather jackets since 1983. A family business based in Galashiels, Scotland, they are uncompromising in terms of quality and design. Each jacket is individually made by one leatherworker, and is a classic in its own right. Collar The Aero Shawl Collar Barnstormer has four deep pockets, a shearling roll-over wool collar and lining, with corduroy in the lower area. The sleeves are lined with cotton drill with knitted wool storm cuffs. The belt can be drawn tight and the cuffs buttoned, with the collar looped to fully insulate. The Barnstormer is also available without the shearling collar. The Barnstormer is not an armored jacket, but it’s so tough the level of protection is high. This is a jacket fit for almost any purpose. PREMIER-trophy-mattblackvisor-1000x1000 PRODUCT REVIEW - PREMIER TROPHY HELMET Premier have released a replica of their iconic full faced racing lid worn by Phil Read in the 1970s. Both the helmet and visor are fully ECE R22-05 homologated and are made from modern materials to rigorous standards whilst managing to retain the compact shell size of the 1970s original. There are no vents, which adds to the streamlined shape, the visor is hinged by two screws and friction plates, and held closed by two press studs in keeping with the original. This is a basic helmet without modern technical features, but looks and feels like an old school full-faced lid. PREMIER-trophy-x2 The one size shell is DCA (Dyneema/Carbon/Aramidic fibre) and the polycarbonate anti-scratch visor is 2mm thick. It has a sanitized fabric inner liner with removable and washable cheek pads. The helmet is light, weighing in at 1290gr. The medium fits my wide head comfortably and the opening is generous. Although the visor may be preferred by some, I ditched it in favour of tinted goggles, and it works well. It’s not as quiet as a modern full faced helmet, but the simple, streamlined looks make up for the luxuries it may lack. Premier Comp This is a good option for those wanting a retro look but more protection than an open face helmet. The Premier is available with visor in the Anniversary Replica in a choice of white with chequered band, black with chequered band, and a UK flag graphic. It also comes in flat gloss black, matt black, and gloss white. They offer a version with a peak without visor in Camo Star and matt black. DS_1253 copy PRODUCT REVIEW - MAPLE JEANS We all know the benefits of wearing protective gear when riding a bike, but often being clad head-to-toe in leather is neither practical nor desirable. So often we find ourselves in jeans with only a thin layer of denim between the tarmac and our skin. Dave Fairbairn founded Maple Jeans to manufacture protective motorcycle jeans that use premium selvedge denim, that look like regular jeans but offer a high level of protection. He teamed up with Satish Tailor to design Kevlar lined jeans that denim aficionados would be happy wearing on and off their machines. Maple Extra The results are two styles, the Slim Fit 1979 - LA, and the Straight Cut 1941 - LA. Each pair of jeans are made from premium 13.5oz selvedge denim, are lined with Dupont Kevlar with removable Forcefield CE knee and hip armour. The jeans are cut and sewn in Downtown LA. The Straight Cut comes with a cinch back, and the Slim Fit with a neat rear spanner pocket. The finishing details really work, from the flowing double M stitch on the pockets and the red embroidered maple leaf, to the generous sized ticket pocket and deep pocket lining. The Kevlar is stitched along the main seams of the jeans, so there’s none of the nasty paneling that plague inferior armoured jeans. I took delivery of my Slim Fits in December, and have worn them non-stop on the bike ever since. Initially a snug true measurement fit, they’ve bedded in just nicely, and like any pair of good selvedge jeans, they just get better the more they’re worn. I’ve just dry-cleaned them for the first time, and they’re developing great fade lines, which is important to denim geeks like me. (You can stick them in the washing machine if you want). They come long in the leg, allowing for a healthy turn up! HF_ds_13 One of the advantages of the Kevlar lining is warmth. They keep me insulated on the bike more so than my 25oz premium brand Japanese denim, and although not claiming to be water proof, they keep out the wet to a decent degree. Dave claims they breathe well in warmer weather, and so far he’s delivered on his promises! These are a great jean off the cycle too. I wear them at work, out in the evenings, and working on the bike. The knee protection is discrete and slim, so ideal for kneeling on when you’re poking about inside your bike. At last a stylish quality denim that looks sharp and keeps you safe. Photo Mar 08, 7 59 39 PM UGLYBROS TON UP-G WOMENS MOTO PANTS The Ton Up-G are fashion/fusion moto pants for women bikers that offer CE approved protection and seriously good looks. So often womens riding gear is a reluctant after-thought from manufacturers, resulting in poorly conceived ill-fitting versions of the mens product. Photo Oct 06, 3 50 53 PM Not with UglyBros, who have designed a pair of female riding pants from scratch, taking a current fashion cut, adding on-style detailing, and manufacturing in tough materials. UglyBros were founded over a decade ago from a desire to fuse protective motorcycle gear with high-style fashion garments. Photo Sep 30, 6 53 42 PM The Ton Up-G is made of 12oz heavy weight bonded denim, lined with a napped polyester thermo lining that provides a softer feel and added insulation during colder weather. An unlined version is offered in the Guardian variation. They come with CE approved knee and hip protectors. The knee protectors are easily removed on-the-go via outer pockets. The Ton Up-G is available in black, and the Guardian-G in indigo. These look killer both on and off the bike. Cotter_Pin_Gear-Adventure-roll-_original COTTER PIN - THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURE ROLL Whether it’s to bed down on at this years Wheels and Waves, or to kneel on at the side of the A12 in the pissing rain trying to fix your bad-tempered ride, Cotter Pin’s Original Adventure Roll is a handy piece of kit when venturing further than the local cafe. Cotter_Pin_Gear-ThEAdventure_Roll-2_large A biker version of the cowboy blanket, one side is water-repellant waxed canvas, the other side 100% wool. It features six brass grommets so it can be tied down, or up, or sideways if need be. A fabric multi-tool, this can be used as a bed rest, pillow, emergency lean-to, work blanket, a cover, or to lay out camping gear. With the good weather coming, you can spread out the picnic on your Sunday ride. Cotter_Pin_Gear-ThEAdventure_Roll-4_original Cotter Pin are out of Red Hook, Brooklyn, born out of the needs of two bikers who spend their spare time adventuring out of the city into the open rugged landscapes of North America. Their designs are practical, purposeful, and produced with quality craftsmanship; unfussy and to the point. Just how we like it.