Italian inspiration, good old American quality and new-wave British innovation all feature in this week's Gear Guide, covering boots, jackets and bubble visors.


PAGNOL LEATHER JACKET Pagnol is a new motorcycle jacket brand created by Paulo Rosas, owner of Speed Machines Design in Los Angeles, CA, a studio that has worked for the likes of the Drive/Aspar team in MotoGP 2014, Alpinestars, AMA Pro racing and more. Paolo’s background comes from years of experience in the motorcycle apparel industry, notably with Alpinestars. Influenced by the new crop of bike builders, “....where retro meets new tech and performance.”, his motivation was to create a moto jacket that would stand the test of time,
with a “modern design of classic features”, something that can be worn regardless if you are “...a Naked or Cafe Racer, Ducati, Triumph, Norton rider.”


It’s made from premium 1 to 1.2mm Tumble aged Cowhide, with 1/4” Shock absorption padding on shoulders. The leather is perforated on the center zip panel, under sleeves, and inner top pockets. The jacket has full body and sleeve ventilated mesh rayon lining with inserts for optional protection pads. It’s a slim fit, and not designed for multiple layers. It features elbow stretch accordion panels and contour sleeves with hip/waist zippers and snap buttons on the sleeves. It has two chest pockets/air vents, two lower pockets, and one inner zip pocket.


The jacket has an extended lower back hem and extra sleeve length for coverage in the riding position. It has a center back slit with inner elastic bands for shoulder blade extension. It features under arm stretch Kevlar fabric inserts by Schoeller and a stretch Lycra insert on the sleeve lining for mobility.


The jacket is finished with embossed logos and antique Brass hardware. The Pagnol is a handsome jacket that is fit for purpose.


PRODUCT REVIEW BY THE BMSC’S VERY OWN ‘LITTLE BIG NOISE’ - VIKKI VAN SOMEREN. REDWINGS CLASSIC MOC 8138 So what’s a girl to do, one day before a trip to Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, the weather’s HOT HOT HOT and I can’t decide what boots or bikes to take! Ok I hear you gents mumble, what’s new… ? Well I settled for taking two bikes (ahem… one of which broke down within TWO minutes of getting there) and buying some new boots (“Idiot” I hear you say)! Yup, taking a brand new pair of boots to a long weekend of biking and climbing hills with a bunch of blokes…. genius!


The boys had been banging on about the Redwings and how comfortable they are for years, so I popped into Son of Stag and a few quid lighter, I have my boots! Off I go to W&W, boots in tow and the token flip flops. When I first put them on I was like “...oh sh*t they’re a bit heavy and make me look even shorter!” But after about thirty minutes, I actually forgot about them and at the end of the first day I was two inches taller and a happy girl.


They were instantly comfortable and perfect for all terrain. They needed no breaking-in and once you get use to the weight and had a few beers you literally forget about them, as well as a few other things. After the first night of chaos, I got back to the apartment and remember slurred something to Dutch about my feet not hurting, just my head! Five months later and I just love them. I feel safe (well, as safe as you can be in a boot with no official protection - for all those haters out there!), they still look great despite being put through their paces and now (thanks to Dave Buonaguidi) I have a matching leather Shifty to protect the top when changing gear. See If you haven’t got one, get one, Dave can still be found wondering around Biarritz blurry eyed, saving the world from f***ed left boots!


Anyway, back to the Redwings; well made, thick and sturdy leather, perfect fit and despite five months of abuse they still look great. They come up big, so maybe go down a size, plus for all the inbetweeners they come in half sizes. They look great with skinny jeans or with a thick turn up. I really do need a few more colours to match my bikes & handbags.


PRODUCT REVIEW - HEDON BUBBLE VISORS North West London’s very own Hedon not only make an outrageously cool range of open face lids, they manufacture some pretty good accessories too. We’ve already featured the Hannibal face mask. They also produce a range of excellent bubble visors, which although designed for their lids, are universal.


You can choose the snaps to match your lid; you can select brass, copper or gunmetal. The bubble visors come in a wicked array of colours including blue, amber, dark smoke, desert smoke, rainbow and of course the ubiquitous clear. I've go the blue.


For me the bubble visor is ideal for summer blasts with an open face, they leave enough room for air circulation, but ample protection from kamikaze wasps and dive bomber bugs. The Hedon visors are well formed with minimal if any distortion. They have a narrower profile than many of their competitors. Hedon also manufacture flat visors known as The Shield.


In 2011 Lindsay and Reginald, with extensive experience in design and helmet crafting, came together to create Hedon. Tired of conventional style, they set out on a mission to manufacture protective headwear that’s bold, refined and nostalgic with “...comfort as a driving point above all else.” Here at the Shed, we reckon they’ve succeeded!


PRODUCT REVIEW - OUTDOOR RESEARCH CIRQUE JACKET As the summer looks like drawing to a rainy end, it’s nearly time to start digging out the layers. One thing I hate is bulky clothing bunching up under my leathers. Technical sports layers can act useful alternatives to big wooly jumpers and thick sweats.


I work alot outside, and in winter months I despise getting cold. Over the years I’ve tried many different solutions. I discovered Outdoor Research when working in the US. Formed in Seattle nearly thirty years ago by mountaineer Ron Gregg, it has grown into a trusted brand for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Outdoor Research manufacture a range of products designed for adventurers, whether it be mountaineering, back country skiing, hiking, or riding motorcycles. “Truly useful gear is the result of a process that begins by paying careful attention to the needs of outdoor adventurers.For us, Outdoor Research products are Designed By Adventure”.


The Cirque jacket is great for wearing under leathers, as it’s slim profile and thin soft shell sit well into the contours of the jacket, creating a comfortable insulating layer. The sleeves and back are long enough not to ride up on the bike. Water and wind resistant, it is durable and breathable. It has a single DWR coated front zipper with an internal storm flap. It has a Napoleon chest pocket and two zippered hand pockets. It also features a drawcord hem. It’s 50% nylon, 43% polyester, 7% spandex, double weave, stretch-woven. Another really important feature is it’s size. it can folded down tightly and stashed in your seat hump or in a pack. Worn with a set of thermal undergarments this keeps you warm even when the temperature has dropped considerably. The Cirque looks pretty good off the bike too. it’s subtle design means that when you’ve peeled off your leathers and sat in the pub nursing your ale, you don’t look like some Eddy the Eagle wannabe in your eighties luminous ski shell, or a shipwrecked trawler-man in a damp mouldy sweater.


STYLMARTIN INDIAN BOOTS Stylmartin are an Italian company specialising in protective motorcycle footwear. Rooted in motorsport, they are the sponsors of several road-racing and off-road riders. Stylmartin's Urban footwear features the application of racing-derived technology to everyday riding. “Stylmartin's Urban footwear allows motorcyclists to ride in utmost safety even in warm weather, and can be worn comfortably on a daily basis.”


The Indian is a take on the classic army boot, with five hole and three quick release hook lacing, an anti-slip commando style Vibram sole, with full grain writer leather upper with a tough shifter patch, and a breathable waterproof inner lining. It also features a removable anatomical lining. A padded ankle section gives extra comfort and it comes with inside and outside ankle reinforcement. It’s provided with changeable red or brown laces.


If you love the casual, classic aesthetic of a handsome leather boot but want something with motorcycle specific protection, the Indian is a good choice.