Day Of The Dead lids, Death Will Triumph vests by Iggy Pop, something without logos and luminous bits from Furygan, selvedge by bikers for bikers, and a handy little old school tool to keep your rubber on the tarmac. All in Week 33 of the Gear Guide.


DEATH SHALL TRIUMPH DENIM VEST DESIGNED BY IGGY POP Bolt London is a showroom, a shop, a gallery and a cafe, that “…came about from a love of fixing engines, hanging out with friends, and that unmistakable feeling when you gun the throttle past your comfort zone.” The brain child of the mercurial Andrew Bolt, Bolt’s focus is on the “…hand crafted and premium quality”. Nestled in the heart of London Fields, you can be guaranteed to find something to perk the interest beneath the railway lines, whether be the latest custom ride from the likes of Volts Mechanix or Old Empire Motorcycles, a vintage lid, or a rare motorcycle book.


Andrew’s late addition is the Death Shall Triumph Vest - designed and signed by rock legend Iggy Pop. It’s made of blue-black quality denim reminiscent of the like used in the 50’s. The buttons are handmade of copper, pressed with the name of the infamous Sailor Jerry. On the back is Iggy’s interpretation of Sailor Jerry’s iconic “Death Shall Triumph” anchor flash. The pins on the front collar are handmade metal anchors.


Every vest comes with a pack of six patches chosen by Iggy – each based on a different Sailor Jerry flash design. The patches come separately, so you can choose which ones you like and sew them on yourself. There are only fifty of these made and inside each you’ll find a small label noting which one of the fifty vests you’ve got. Plus, Iggy Pop himself has personally signed every one. These are appropriately made in Los Angeles, CA.


EAT DUST FIT 67 SELVELDGE JEANS “A brand fueled by Friendship and mutual interest. We are not into making fashion. This is about proper garments and good design that will stand the test of time.”


Antwerp based Eat Dust were founded by friends Rob and Keith, and make serious denim for serious bikers. Their gear is designed to be ridden in, and are up to the wear and abuse they’re most certainly going to get subjected to. Their stuff looks pretty damn good too. The Fit 67 jeans are a loose straight denim pant made in 13 1/4 oz double ring Japanese indigo blue selvage denim with two reinforced back pockets featuring Eat Dust’s signature Z-Bar stitch.


The 67’s ’s are fastened with Eat Dust faded copper button double prawn fly buttons and coloured authentic rivits. The Eat Dust label is in heavy leather. The 67s feature a pocket with signature Z-Bar stitch and heavy cotton front pockets. These are triple stitched on the inside leg for extra strength.


These jeans are premium and aimed at denim heads. If you like selvedge and bikes, you need to check out Eat Dust.


CUSTOM LIDS MALTA Any of you who came to BSMC III earlier this year will have seen Rebecca from Custom Lids Malta painting her amazing designs on Biltwell lids. Each one of their helmets are hand painted with an individual composition and no two lids are the same. These guys have been busy creating some more outstanding one off pieces since we last saw their work.


Whether you want a lid designed specifically for you, or want to buy one of their existing designs, these guys are super-friendly and accommodating.


These helmets are safe and ready to use, being DOT approved, although technically they’re not approved in the EU – but that’s a long story. They can be art pieces in the home, studio or workshop, or worn everyday to keep your valuable grey matter safe.




FURYGAN TEXAS OUTLAST JACKET Furygan have been making performance motorcycle wear for quite some time now, and the quality of their products is undeniably high. They have, however, been rather keen on the visibility of their logo, and enthusiastic, generous even, with looping lines of shiny stripes that cater more for the tastes of the R1 heroes than the denizens of the custom scene.


The Furygan New Texas Outlast jacket is a refreshingly simple jacket liberated from bling. Made from high grade cowhide leather in a classic western style, it has a smooth waxy feel. The leather shell is lined with a removable temperature regulating aluminium laced Outlast inner which constantly reacts to your body temperature and the external climate to keep you comfortable as conditions change. It has CE approved D30 shoulder and elbow protectors providing a high level of safety in these vulnerable zones whilst safety can be enhanced further with the addition of a CE approved D30 back protector (available separately).


Te New Texas has two side pockets and a breast pocket, and two two poppers at the side to nip in the waist. This is a handsome jacket that will keep you warm and protected in the winter months, and can be stripped out once the weather gets warmer. Perfect.


CYCLE PUMP AIR GUAGE The wrong tyre pressure can be at worse deadly, and the best a literal ball ache as your ride needlessly vibrates. This back to basics analogue tool is an essential piece of kit.


This simple and reliable tyre air gauge clips onto any tyre valve stem and gives instant and accurate pressure readings up to 100 PSI. This is solid and robust with brass fittings and a braided hose. Without the need for batteries, this can be easily stashed under the seat for when you need it, with the secure knowledge it will work when it has to. What more needs to be said?