This week's Gear Guide features iconic bike boots from Lewis Leathers, biker jackets for kids, great new designs from illustrators and bike painters Monday Mo Co, another lovely bit of kit from Bolt, and expedition socks to keep your pinkies warm in the dark months.


LEWIS LEATHERS MOTORWAY BOOTS NO.191 Lewis Leathers, the London based heritage biker wear company, are best known for their iconic styles that were adopted by the cafe boy racers and rockers of the 50s and 60s and the racers of the 70s. But they also supplied the police with equipment, the Motorway boots being a staple amongst the two wheeled rozzers of the late 60s and 70s. The 191 Boot features a superior quality zip made by the Riri company of Switzerland for long lasting abuse, three back straps for extra safety and an inner strap to grip the trouser leg to prevent riding up and baggy knees.


Made from premium highly polished bull hide these boots are peerless. The soles are a vintage racing grip using the Goodyear Welted system which means they can replaced when worn, which means these can last a lifetime of riding. The Motorway boot first appeared in 1969 as an update to the earlier styles that were based on horse riding boots. It immediately proved popular with the British Motor Cycle Policemen. The polished finish meant that the boot was smart enough for ceremonial duties.


I have a pair of these that I bought on ebay from a retired bike cop who wore them every day for twelve years. Thank god he changed his socks more often! They're still in fantastic condition. Lewis Leathers are a true Brit bike institution, for decades catering for the whole spectrum of bikers - cops, racers and cafe racer hooligans.


These boots are available on line at at their West End shop.


CLUTCH KID - CHILDREN’S BIKER PATCH JACKETS Recycled in the USA - Clutch Kid is a boutique children's vest line that repurposes high-quality denim with vintage American and moto inspired themes. These are 100% Recycled & Handmade!


One day biker mum and model Sabrina Nova decided to let her creativity and passion for riding collide. She plucked a perfectly worn denim kids vest from her sons closet and started laying out a design with the many moto and pop culture patches she had been collecting. Once the embellishments were in place and professionally sewn on the quality and design was evident, this vest was ‘bad to the bone’ !


Immediately whenever her son would wear this one of a kind creation in public they would literally be stopped on the street by countless people asking, "where did you buy that vest?!" That's when a light bulb went off in Sabrina's head. The search was on for all the high quality kids denim she could find and the patch collection grew to heaps and mounds! Before long her creations were becoming reality so that ‘…any kid could rock this unique cultural style!’


Just like the very first vest that started it all, every Clutch Kid clothing item is handmade and one of a kind and ‘…sure to be a show stopper!!!”



MONDAY MO CO Ts Monday Mo.Co is a new motorcycle clothing and lifestyle store. The bastard child from the guys behind Boneshaker Choppers, Ilovedust, The Black Douglas & Superrb.


Situated in the heart of Birmingham a cool little bike shed style store tucked away in the melting pot of all things creative that is ‘The Custard Factory’. You can pull your bike up directly outside the doors and browse products from brands such as Red Wing Boots, Deus Ex Machina, Pike Brothers, Biltwell Helmets, Tsovet Watches, Eat Dust and Raen to name just a few of the heavy hitters.


Because some of the founders also build bikes you can even sort arrange that via the store. 
Boneshaker Choppers, Mutt Motorcycles & The Black Douglas


As well as stocking a selection of their favourite brands Monday Mo.Co have also released their own line of products under the Monday Mo.Co brand. Included in the collection you’ll find tees, wallets, belts, a tool wrap and trucker caps.


Most of the tees were designed in-house, but for their ‘Stay High’ tee Monday Mo.Co commissioned the work of ‘Pinkyvision’ an artist they admired for his work with Flip Skateboards and Altamont clothing.


MONDAY-MO-CO-Ts-8 You can buy the Ts online at or visit the guys in shore at Monday Mo.Co, Gallery 38, The Custard Factory, Gib Street, Birmingham, B4 9AA.



Mate of the Shed, Andrew Almond, has been up to his eyeballs in paint this week fitting out his new premises (right next door to his old yard). I hope he hasn’t been transporting his brushes in this lovely bag, its too nice to be covered in emulsion.


Duffle bag, kit bag, swag bag, bucket bag or holdall – call it what you will. The fact is, there are several different ways to sport it. It’s made out of a 15.oz tight-weaved natural canvas body. The base, strap and top are constructed from premium mid-weight chocolate brown leather. It features a leather-embossed front pocket and rear strap brace. It’s finished with a tartan-lined interior with canvas pocket and lined with nickel-plated trimmings.


This is a lovely and practical piece of kit to throw over your shoulder on short urban trips.


MUND K2 EXTREME COLD WEATHER SOCKS 308 So it’s November, and the commercial vultures are hovering, and the spectre of unwanted presents looms. However, if you get a pair of these in your stocking from the in-laws you should be well chuffed. From the Sahara to the North/South Poles to the highest Himalayan peaks, Mund socks have been subjected to the most extreme uses by expeditions, professional guides and athletes so you can rely on them totally. Most recently, Mund Socks were worn by all 19 Chinese-Tibetan mountaineers in their successful Olympic torch relay to the summit of Everest on 8 May 2008. Mund K2 Extreme Cold Weather Socks 308 are mountain socks designed for use in extremely low temperatures to help keep your feet warm even down to -28°C. K2 Extreme Cold Socks are made from Thermolite fibre, a special hollow fibre that provides extra warmth without extra weight to give effective insulation even in the harshest climates. Lycra fits very closely to the form of the foot, making K2 Extreme Cold Socks particularly comfortable and avoiding the friction that can result in blisters. Reinforced toe and heel sections on Mund K2 Extreme Cold Socks reduce wear and ensure they are hard-wearing while a double-weave material offers extra padding for increased comfort. These are ideal for keeping your toes warm on your winters blasts. Frost-bite and motorcycles are never a good look.