In this week's Gear Guide we feature another fine limited edition open face from Biltwell, recycled furniture by Classified Moto, vintage motocross kit from Reign, Tellason's classic blanket-lined selvedge denim jacket, whilst Icon offer up some hardcore retro-styled off road gear.


PRODUCT REVIEW FROM THE BSMC'S VERY OWN ALI LATIMER - ICON 1000 ELSINORE BOOT Our good friends at Icon in Portland Oregon have some great gear, now not all of it fits with the style that we like, after all they have to cater for the masses with their kit, but their 1000 range hits the spot. Here we have their Elsinore Boot, a homage to motocross boots from the past, they just look amazing and that was enough for me, I didn’t care how well they fitted nor how comfy they may be, I wanted them!


I have a Honda Tracker that is kick start only, and I simply won’t ride it in any other boot, I’ve tried kick starting it in other boots, but I found myself limping for a few days after. The Eslinore boots are what I would call usable fashion, they blatantly aren’t out to compete with Aplinestars Tech 10 or any other modern Motocross focused boots, but they do still have a solid base and good shin protection, the 2 main requirements when trying to kick start a 600 tracker!


As for comfort, I can spend the entire day in these boots; on and off the bike, try doing that in a pair of modern MX boots! Back in August I attended and rode in Scramble On! with my tracker, the jumps were much bigger than expected and my poor tracker really struggled, when the suspension ran out… which it did incessantly, my legs had to absorb the rest, thankfully the Elsinore boots managed to help me through, not once did I lose my footing and throughout the day I probably attempted to kick start the tracker a 100 times and the sole stayed strong.


They feature a full length zip on the inside for practicality and then 5 button snap adjustment straps on the outside to ensure a great fit. Both the shifter panel and shin plate are heat pressed leather and they benefit from Internal Ankle Protection, Axialmetric Steel Shank, Goodyear™ Welt Construction and YKK® zippers.


Here’s what ICON say about their own product: The Elsinore’s™ five strap alloy buckle chassis, stamped metal heel plate, and internal steel shank combine for a serious dose of moto-x homage. The traditional Goodyear™ welt construction mates the Icon street specific sole to the magnificent leather upper. A zippered medial entry zipper, borrowed from Paratrooper jump boots, is the only luxury the Elsinore will allow itself. A modern relic from an era when men were iron and tanks were steel, the Elsinore, old-school MX reinterpreted for the urban sprawl.


They come in Oiled Brown or Jonny Black, to find a dealer near you get over to Icons website and use their global dealer locator.


REIGN VINTAGE MOTOCROSS SHIRTS Whether your off-road ride is an old thumper or a screeching stroker, you can look like a 70's Factory racer in Reign's vintage motocross shirts. "We're not remaking vintage gear, we're reinterpreting it. Old school looks with new school materials and techniques means you get the look of “back in the day” with the ease of just throwing them in the washing machine."


These are clearly designed to appeal to the vintage enthusiast, but it doesn't stop there - Reign claim "... a lot of the current designs from the major manufacturers we feel are just flat-out ugly… the ultra-graphic superhero/ kid’s footsie pajama look just isn’t our thing."


Reign jerseys are designed to be worn off road, and are cut to allow armor to be worn underneath, so there's typically no need to buy a size larger to accommodate it. Just order your normal size. They also come with vintage correct foam padded elbows.


Micro-birdseye vented, moisture wicking fabric keeps you riding cool. A drop-tail cut in the back keep your jersey tucked in and a wide cuff design allows you to push it up you forearm to securely wear it as 3/4 sleeve style. These shirts are the business, perfect for this year's ScrambleOn! and Dirtquake.


BILTWELL BONANZA HELMET - LE FURY BLACK/GREY/GOLD The boys at Biltwell have gone and done it again, added another tasty LE design to their already iconic Bonanza line of open face lids. This is stunning, harking shamelessly back to the splendid seventies. Biltwell are the real deal, custom builders to a man, who stuck their collective middle finger up to the corporate motorcycle industry and the posturing peacocks of the mainstream custom scene alike, and carved a niche of their very own. They make functional, handsome and affordable products for the denizens of the new wave custom scene.


The Bonanza's interior features a custom-shaped EPS safety shell and a hand-stitched removable liner with moisture wicking brushed Lycra panels and open-cell foam padding for breathability and comfort. It has an injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish and an expanded polystyrene inner shell. It has a hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding. It meets DOT safety standards, but is yet to be certified in the EU. It has a rugged plated steel D-ring neck strap with adjustment strap end retainer with rubber accent edging. Sizing runs form XS through to XXL. This lid will look pretty with almost anything.


TELLASON JAPANESE BLANKET LINED DENIM JACKET The denim jacket has been the staple of motorcycle culture since the 1940's and continues today, particularly in the new wave custom scene. A classic denim jacket is a durable and practical garment that serves a biker well in the workshop and on the bike. The Tellason Japanese Blanket Lined Denim Jacket is a classic styled lined selvedge jacket.


Tony Patella and Pete Searson have been like-minded friends since 1990. Their love for durable goods, their respect for where they came from and who made them is found in their brand. "We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won't happen. If you know us, you know this to be true..."


Originally known as a self-edge, selvedge is the term used since the 14th c. for a narrow tightly woven band on either edge of fabric parallel to the warp that prevents fabric from raveling. Modern weaving machines produce wide fabric and the weft (horizontal) yarn is cut on every pick (weft insertion). The selvage from antique narrow shuttle looms is formed as the shuttle passes back and forth during weaving. Since the yarn is not cut, the selvage is tightly bound and forms a clean edge. These old shuttle looms predate WWII and run on original wooden parts driven by leather belts creating a beautiful sound while making some of the most sought after denim in the world. Tellason took 16.5 oz Cone Mills White Oak selvage denim and cut, sewed, and lined this jacket in San Francisco, CA.


Tony and Pete are proud of the fact that their garments are not only made in America from American denim, but that the pocketing, thread, buttons, rivets and leather patches are as well. They've become friends with their suppliers and feel it is the right thing to do to support them and their businesses as we build our products. Like any good raw denim product that hasn't been wet processed or manipulated in any way prior to purchase, this jacket will mould to the body of the rider after just a few days of wear, becoming completely personal and unlike any other jacket in the world, just getting better the more it's worn. You won't find a better or more authentic denim jacket than this.


CLASSIFIED MOTOS MOTORCYCLE FURNITURE Virginia-based builders Classified Moto gives old discarded parts a second life by recycling them into furniture. Instead of throwing unwanted and broken parts into the scrap bin or listing them on ebay, they get creative, re-assembling shocks and wheels into unique lamps and tables. Each custom-designed piece is entirely unique, and although they don't resemble their original form, they retain the original steed's cool quality and style.


Each recycled design comes with its own history, so any customer can trace which motorbikes the parts came from. For example the table was fabricated from Japanese components from the ’70s and ’80s. The legs are made from brushed chrome fork tubes, and transmission gears serve as feet to ensure the table doesn’t tip.


Their vintage lamp design incorporates a spring/shock welded to a transmission gear, then welded to a brake rotor, and finished with high-quality Bakelite sockets. Each piece retains original scratches, dings and dents, which add to the vintage patina. Classified will take special requests for specific parts and styles, so those nostalgic for their glory years bike can ask for parts to be worked into a unique and sentimental design.


You might even want to clean out the dark nether regionsof your garage and send them your old crap and have them create something that looks good and actually works again.