Hand made bespoke waxed cotton jackets, old school quality leather gauntlets, the answer in eyewear to the retro full face lids, something to keep your chilly feet warm, and more great gear from El Solitario in this week's Gear Guide. OLD-FASHIONED-STANDARDS-BESPOKE-OIL-CLOTH-JACKETS-1 OLD FASHIONED STANDARDS - BESPOKE OIL CLOTH JACKETS A few months ago we featured the lovely video featuring Kassandra Bailey, the creator and entrepreneur, pattern cutter and seamstress, who is Old Fashioned Standards.


Growing up in small town Cochrane, Alberta, Kassandra was more then excited to venture out to the big city Vancouver and take Fashion Design school. Since graduating she has put all the skills learned to good use. Running a small business based solely on custom and made to order oil cloth products for a wide variety of clientele, perfecting her craft with each new garment. Not surprisingly, most of her clients are bikers. Her products include jackets, vest, pants (Canadian for trousers) and backpacks.


Old Fashioned Standards is a company that specializes in high quality products and custom craftsmanship. All of their products are made from cotton cloth impregnated with a very specific mixture of wax and oil that is historically referred to as oil cloth. The process of applying the unique mixture transforms the basic cotton cloth into a wind and water repelling, high abrasion resistant antique looking cloth. Ideal for the bike. Kassie states: "We are dedicated to providing you with high quality goods that will last you a life time!"


Old Fashion Standards are dedicated to making all of their products animal free. "We are very much supports of made locally, and making things like the used to be made, with a purpose for a specific function in mind!" Custom pricing range all depends on the detail and the intricacies!


So all of you who bemoan the bigger brand waxed/oiled jackets, you can get one hand made to your specification by a single proprietor small business for a reasonble cost. Nothing more to complain about! http://oldfashionedstandards.com/custom


PRODUCT REVIEW - GOLDTOP LIMITED EDITION SHEEPSKIN GAUNTLET Goldtop are one of those old companies associated with the glory days of cafe racers in the fifties and sixties, and had seemed to have disappeared alongside the thumping British twins that once defined the scene. The company was formed in 1953 and has been recently revived by East End entrepreneur and vintage glove collector and reseller, Kessie Cullen. Goldtop are manufacturing to the original exacting standards, using the highest quality hide and thread, with subtly modified patterns creating an improved ergonomic fit.


The Limited Edition Sheepskin Gauntlet with sheep wool in hand is an an exquisite glove based upon the original Goldtop model. Tough, durable and very hard-wearing, it features a sheepskin cuff from British mills, with sheepwool lining in hand. It's constructed from 1.0mm Calfskin leather, is very soft and supple, and is stitched with five strand cotton thread stitching throughout. They are available in black and brown, but special order tones are available on request.


I have a pair of these and have kept me warm and insulated through the cold weather so far this winter. They're well insulated but tactile, allowing me to feel the levers and switches and stay toasty. They're a really good fit and follow the shape of my hands perfectly. The cuff is wide enough to fit over my Aero Barnstormer jacket and creates a snug draft free fit. According to Kessie these gloves are the choice of the Sopwith Camel Flying Club to keep their hands working in the exposed cockpits of vintage biplanes. As well being of premium quality, they come at a very reasonable price. http://www.goldtop-uk.com/


PRODUCT REVIEW - DAVIDA 74 WRS KIT GLASSES/GOGGLES. With a wide range of replacement lenses the 74 WRS Kit provide a highly versatile solution for open face and full face helmets. Aerodynamically shaped sunglasses with thin, flexible arms which can fit comfortably into the small space between the head and helmet. Supplied with smoke lens fitted and an additional pair of clear and yellow tinted lenses and a protective bag.


They have a foam padded lining that sits snugly to the face, that seals the eye sockets from wind, rain and debris. Although made from lightweight & flexible TR90, the 74 WRS is not easily broken. However to cover all eventualities, virtually every component of the 74 WRS is detachable and replaceable:-
  • Detachable and replaceable lens carriers that have additional foam padding for comfort.
  • Detachable and replaceable arms that can be removed and replaced with an elasticated headband.
  • As well as clear lenses, replacement tinted lenses are available in Green, Yellow, Orange, Smoke (grey) & Smoke ( brown).
  • Replacement Mirror lenses available in Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror & Red/Black Revo
  • Replacement Photochromatic lenses are also available.


TR90 is a stronger and more flexible material than polycarbonate, allowing them to mould into a comfortable and aerodynamic shape, giving an exceptionally close and wind resistant fit without creating uncomfortable pressure points across the nose-bridge or temples. The D4Vi9A 74 WRS can be converted into spectacles with presciption lenses which can be enhanced with photochromatic lenses. Please see manufacturers website www.d4vi9a.com for up to date information on these options.


Replacement clear, tinted and mirror lenses are UV 400, offering full UV protection and anti-fog. Replacement Photochromatic lenses are UV 400. These are the ideal solution to retro full faced lids such as the Biltwell Gringo and Ruby Castel. Finally a pair of goggles that are small enough to sit inside the opening of the lid, and are almost unique in that respect. They also look cool with Davida open faces too! They sit snugly on the nose and don't do that annoying glasses thing of lifting up off the bridge as the helmet moves. A clever innovation from Fiddy and the crew. http://davida.co.uk/index.php


EL SOLITARIO X ALBERTO GARCIA-DIX NOS VEY Y SUFRES COLLABORATION T SHIRT Since their birth four years ago into the new wave custom scene El Solitario have made a big impression with their bold approach to building bikes, and their infectious upbeat attitude. Loved by many, maligned by a few, David and Val never fail to deliver.


In 2014, El Solitario had the opportunity to work alongside their "older brother" artist and photographer Alberto Garcia-Alix "in the revenge & imaginarium of the motorcycle. A moving & distorted portrait of the lovely losers motorcyclists are." A project that it is still ongoing, but so far has found its way to a landmark exhibition at La Maison Europeenne de la Photographie! "Who knows where it will take us?!?!?!" Asks David.


"To celebrate the arrival of (year) No.5, we are stoked to offer you this Limited Edition 100% Cotton light weight loose knit T-Shirt, fruit of our collaboration with artist Alberto Garcia-Alix, that somehow harmonizes all these experiences in one." EL-SOLITARIO-X-ALBERTO-GARCIA-DIX-NOS-VEY-Y-SUFRES-COLLABORATION-T-SHIRT-4 Alberto's analogue image features El Solitario's controversial build of last year, The Impostor, with David astride giving the finger to his critics. I love this T-shirt, for me the image sums up everything I like about El Solitario. http://elsolitariomc.com/ EX02-HEATED-INSOLES-1 EX02 HEATED INSOLES February in London is enough to test the mettle of the hardiest of bikers. Wet, cold, slippery and dark. When the feet start to chill, it's game over. These heated insoles from EXO2 are guaranteed to thaw out frozen toes and make you feel just a little bit better about your choice to get on the bike. With a single length, you can cut the insole to fit. The insoles have a leather covering for comfort and breathability. The FabRoc panels are self regulating to 45 degrees Celsius and include tiny Li-Ion power packs which provide 5-7 hours of heat per charge. This simple and useful innovation that can make the difference between a wretched ordeal and a pleasant brisk dash. EX02-HEATED-INSOLES-2 http://www.motolegends.com/base-layers/exo2-heated-insoles.html