In this week's Gear Guide we feature premier Elskin gloves, old school vented visors, mean matt black full face lids, hand made waxed cotton vests and easy to apply waterproofing for your leather wear. Plenty to spend you hard earned readies on....


PRODUCT REVIEW LEE PARKS DESIGN DEER TOUR GLOVES Lee Parks Design DeerTours PCi gloves combine simple good looks with durability and comfort in a wide temperature range of 35°–75°F/2°-24°C. They were the first motorcycle gloves on the market to feature the amazing Outlast "phase-change" lining which absorbs and stores the body's heat, and releases it back as you body cools down. Being thin on the palm side allows them to feel almost like uninsulated gloves, and for those with heated grips, they actually absorb the heat and Outlast's conductive properties warm both sides of your hands, without burning your palms like unlined gloves can.


These are manufactured from deerskin and elkskin, as opposed to mass produced cowhide gloves. The skin is buttery soft yet is substantially more tear and abrasion resistant than any cowhide. In vulnerable areas such as the knuckles and palms, there is an extra layer of four ounce elkskin. Elkskin is "simply the strongest hide you'll find".


Lee Parks Design are big on safety. There are only four seams on the total glove which gives greater strength and integrity with a reduction in the number of stress points. They are stitched exclusively with two strong Nylon threads as opposed to Kevlar which under extreme duress will cut through the leather. The spacing of the holes is calculated to give the greatest strength to the seam, but the double thread allows just the right amount of elasticity to ensure the seams only fail when necessary.


Even with the high technical safety spec of this glove they are incredibly comfortable. They are ergonomic and tactile, despite being lined gloves you can feel the levers and controls. These are also hand washable and won't stiffen and crack like standard leather. These gloves really are the business, and work well for most normal biking conditions.


DMD RACER HELMET MATT BLACK The Racer is a carbon tricomposite retro inspired full face motorcycle helmet based on designs from 1970s motocross helmets. Extremely light and comfortable this is a great lid and a Bike Shed favorite. Until recently it was only available in white, but has now been released in matt black, and is mean looking to boot.


The Racer is a remake of the iconic 70's shell but with a focus to improve the original 70's shell design and matching it with all the modern safety standards It's Carbon Kevlar shell has a removable and washable liner with a padded chin strap and a D ring enclosure. It's fully ECU approved.


The guys at DMD are a very elusive bunch, but we did manage to prize this out of them: "Our main focus was to improve the original 70's shell design and matching it with all the modern safety standards. The DMD Vintage helmet let the people to live again the themes of the legendary seventies: sense of freedom, youthful aspirations and rock music. We worked very hard on the dimension of the helmet in order to get the smallest DOT shell existing on the market with a perfect fit and a maximum compactness."


Love this lid.


RED CLOUD COLLECTIVE 18OZ WAX CANVAS VEST We reviewed Red Cloud Collective's waxed canvas trousers a few months ago, and they're getting better with wear. A terrific trouser that's warm on the bike and heavily water resistant. They are supurb. This vest is made from the same material and like the trousers is tough wearing and made to get better with time. Constructed from 18oz. army duck waxed canvas it has a YKK zipper and front pockets that can be entered from the side or above for your comfort and convenience, and to stash tools, hip flasks, iphones and all the necessary shit. _RED-CLOUD-COLLECTIVE-18OZ-WAX-CANVAS-VEST-1 They're handcrafted in Oregon USA. Red Clouds Collective are a thoroughly decent bunch of blokes based out of Portland, a group of individuals whose lifestyles and creative energy inspire the products they create."We believe in creating products with an honest approach and practical design. All functions and fabrics are considered in creating a lasting life for our products. We are designing for the people who want quality exceeding the standards and needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As a collective of makers and adventurers, each piece is an extension of our lives. We hope our creations help you along your path." This vest is a practical bit of kit both on and off the bike. A great core layer to wear under a leather jacket, and an added waterproof layer when it pisses down. Off the bike it looks terrific, is a good spring layer over a flannel or denim shirt. You'll only ever need to buy one of these.


"We hope this vest will be on your back for years of adventure and help you down the road."


4h 10 VENTED VISOR Parisian bloggers 4h 10 have a habit of unearthing some great products, and on occassion produce their own. Their latest offering is a really cool and original vented visor.


Slightly tinted and safety approved this visor is resistant to impacts and abrasion, and is designed for use "...with real motorcycle specifications." This visor obviously protects you from the cold and wind , but also various projectiles with 2mm thick polycarbonate "... because without protection or with classic standard sunglasses, a grain of gravel at full-speed can do big damage." This is safe to use at night.


The Vintage Shield has three adjustable pressure studs that can be used on the vast majority of jet helmets regardless of brand.


Lovers of old school products, 4h 10 wanted retro but functional details on this visor so with the metal vents that in addition to giving a vintage look, creates airflow to reduce fogging. This is a handsome and practical visor. OBANAUF-HEAVY-DUTY-LP-LEATHER-PROTECTOR-4 PRODUCT REVIEW OBANAUF HEAVY DUTY LP LEATHER PROTECTOR Obenauf's LP is a really effective treatment for leather that helps keep it nourished and soft, and can restore sun faded leather. But it's single most useful application for me is waterproofing. I apply this stuff to my bike jackets and boots, and it's kept me out of trouble numerous times. It contains no harmful silicones, petroleums or solvents, so it's good to going on anything leather, from your wife's Chanel handbag to your forty year old Lewis Leather. OBANAUF-HEAVY-DUTY-LP-LEATHER-PROTECTOR-2 Obenauf’s LP was invented over twenty-five years ago by a firefighter named Marv Obeanauf. He sought to make something that would preserve and protect boots that were subject to heavy wear. The waxy cream he came up with nourishes leathers, restores lost oils, and protects boots from almost every element you can think of - water, heat, snow, salt, some chemicals, mildew, and even manure acid if your planning to go off-roading in cow shit. OBANAUF-HEAVY-DUTY-LP-LEATHER-PROTECTOR-1 Application is easy, it's best that the leather is warm so the pores are open, this can achieved by just leaving in the airing cupboard or in a well heated room. It's best not to stick leather on a heater as it can crack. Once the leather is warmed, dig into the LP paste with your fingers and apply the stuff directly to your boots or jacket. The warmth from your hands will help melt the wax and let it be absorbed into the leather. Make sure to rub it deep into the seams and the welt, as that's where most of the water will enter. Leave to dry overnight, and then if necessary rub any excess off with a cloth or a brush. As easy as that.