A beautiful womens retro leather bike jacket, a stunning new collaboration lid, some great gummy grips, leather and selvedge denim gloves and some straight up no-nonsense selvedge denim. All here in this weeks Gear Guide.


PRODUCT REVIEW GRIFTER RANGER GLOVE A few weeks ago we reviewed the Grifter Onyx Ranger Wool Lined Glove, which have served me well through the late winter and early spring. With the first warm spring day I tried their Ranger Glove, and it's ever bit as good as the wool lined Onyx Ranger.


The Ranger glove is made in the USA, and blends Grifter's staple classic "vintaged" brown Bison skin with 12 oz American Cone Mills White Selvedge Denim. The Bison is a soft, highly abrasion resistant hide, and is hand oiled to preserve and protect. The Denim is premium heavy gauge. This is an unlined glove that is designed for spring/summer.


These are a very tactile pair of gloves from the outset, provide accurate feedback. They're comfortable and well cut, with a sensible anatomical fit. These have the look of a simple work glove, but with the technical detail of dedicated bike kit. "If you are looking for a unique blend of style and function, The Ranger glove will exceed your expectations."


Grifter are born out of the alternative custom scene, a rejection of mass produced sweat -shop bike gear. Grifter sought out quality American glove makers in Gloversville to manufacture small runs of high quality distinctive styles that speak to the individualism of their customers. These gloves run small, so it's best to order a size up. These are terrific and look great and work as a good bike glove should. They're sensibly priced too. http://www.griftercompany.com


LEWIS LEATHERS RAW DENIM JEANS Lewis Leathers are the UK's oldest manufacturers of motorcycle clothing, having begun life in 1892. The company supplied early aviators, motorists and motorcyclists with protective clothing against the cold and damp British climate, and in the 1950s launched the Bronx, which has become the iconic biker jacket, popular still today in the contemporary custom scene.


Lewis manufacture a stunning pair of raw denim jeans. The rugged 15oz selvedge denim is fitted with exposed copper rivets at all points of wear and tear. These premium jeans are manufactured in Okinawa by a single machinist, like Lewis Leather jackets, each pair has its own character.


"Lewis Leathers are proud to keep tradition alive, and the embroidered logo on the jean pocket is a perfect example." The embroiderer has been honing his craft in Okinawa for over 50 years - producing hand-guided, embroidered souvenir jackets for American servicemen from the nearby US military base.


Lewis Leathers recommend the jeans be worn for three to six months before the first wash to encourage unique and desirable fade characteristics. The dark indigo denim will then develop distinctive subtle shades of blue at points of stress and wear - "...a snapshot of the the way you live your life."


The jeans are available in regular and slim fit, and will satisfy even most discerning denim geek. http://www.lewisleathers.com/Welcome-to-Lewis-Leathers.html


CED BY CED 101 CONCEPT WOMENS LEATHER JACKET CED BY CED is a motorcycle fashion brand founded by Javier Cederbojm in Buenos Aires. At the heart of the blossoming Argentinian new wave custom scene, Javier decided to combined rugged motorcycle wear with strong fashion styles. Made from robust local hides, Javier designs for both men and women.


His womens designs are a refreshing departure from the usual badly styled and even worse fitting offerings from the major bike brands. He uses fashion references both contemporary and retro to create jackets that are tough enough to be worn on a bike, and stylish enough off to inspire confidence off it.


The 101 Concept is fringed asymmetric Perfecto style jacket with studs and tassels constructed from strong cow hide. This has an unmistakeable Easy Rider late sixties/early seventies feel, but with a contemporary cut. Whether on a bobber, rat chopper or a brat, this will look great and offer a decent level of protection (although they are not armoured). You can also customise these jackets, choosing different leathers, colours, zips, buttons, lining and other details. http://cedbyced.com


BELL BULLITT X BARN FRESH HEY HO COLLABORATION HELMET The Bell Bullitt has established itself as a premier open face retro helmet, and Bell have excelled themselves with a steady stream of Special Edition colourways. The Barn Fresh Hey Ho Special Edition is a collaboration featuring a playful bold design from Amsterdam based artist Leonard Schuurmans.


Inspired by the classic Bell Star helmet the Bullitt it has a great retro look but with all the modern touches you would expect from a manufacturer like Bell. The detailing is excellent with meshed air intakes, and lined in a decent grade leather. The visor is easily moved to the open position. The Bell Bullitt is ideal for riders who want a vintage look but with the added comfort and protection a contemporary full face helmet provides.


The Bell Bullitt is road legal in the UK and Europe with a full ECE 22.05 Euro Safety Rating. http://the-cafe-racer.com/motorcycle-helmets/bell-bullitt-se-helmet-barn-fresh-hey-ho#.VSGHpVy4lmA


POSH FACTORY GRIPS Japanese Posh Factory take handlebars really seriously, making some of the most stunning controls, switches and mounting brackets for your custom ride. They also make the most gorgeous gum grips. These are exquisite, and made to the same high standards as everything they make. The fit and finish of these is unparalleled.


Posh Factory was is established in 1990 in Tokyo and has developed as one of the premier manufacturers of custom motorcycle parts in a very discerning market, where a microscopic attention to detail is the starting point. "Posh takes great pride in its start-to-finish production system which makes producing purely "Made In Japan" parts possible."


These lovely things come in black, white, light brown, flake red, fake silver, and new flake smoke. Available in 1" and 7/8" http://www.posh-factory.com/product.htm