BSMC3 COVERSHOT 1400 This is an OLD STORY from 2015 - but it seems to be top the Google Searches for "the Bike Shed Paris" ... For the lowdown on this year's show in 2016 look HERE. Last May the Bike Shed went balls-out with our third exhibition, celebrating the new-wave cafe racer custom scene, featuring over 120 brats, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, cafe racers, and a whole bunch of category-defying custom bikes. The central London venue at Tobacco Dock was easy to access, hospitable and we made sure there was great food, barrista coffee, a bar, cigar lounge, barbershop and plenty of reason (and space) to hang out all day with your mates, or with the family, or on your own, reading a magazine and enjoying the vibe. There was also great gear to buy, plus stunning art, photography film and even a little live music (ok, he was a busker, but he was very good). ...This was no trade fair. BSMC3 2 The Bike Shed is run by a bunch of volunteers, none of whom come from the Motorcycle Industry. We created the blog, ride, events and our exhibitions simply because we they didn't already exist. We had that "Carlsberg" conversion: "What if The Bike Shed did a Bike show...?" The rest wrote itself. BSMC3 3 It's all gone so well that we've decided to keep on doing it, so as well as booking another show in London for May 2015, we've also gone and booked a stunning venue in Paris for a exhibition across the channel, and we're already rammed with quality builders, exhibitors, artists and hospitality. Bike Shed Paris Poster TICKETPAGE BSMC3 4 The Bike Shed will be in Paris at Carreau du Temple on 11th & 12th April this year, and we'll be back in London at Tobacco Dock on May 22nd, 23rd & 24th, with more of the same high quality custom bikes from pros and shed-builders alike, plus all the art, photography, film, gear and superb hospitality, but most importantly, featuring all of you. Paris Ticket Image Bike Shed Paris 2015 E-Tickets are now available for sale. Book Now to guarantee you'll get in. 11/12 April €15 Weekend Pass. Kids go Free. BSMC3 5 If you missed the London exhibition last May, check out the photos on this page, many of them taken before the doors opened, so you can see the layout. Over 7000 people turned up, so it was busy, but here was loads of room for all. BSMC3 6 BSMC3 7 BSMC3 8 BSMC3 9 BSMC3 10 BSMC3 11 BSMC3 12 BSMC3 13 BSMC3 14 BSMC3 15 BSMC3 16 BSMC3 17 BSMC3 18 BSMC3 19 BSMC3 20 BSMC3 21 BSMC3 22 BSMC3 23 BSMC3 24 BSMC3 25 BSMC3 26 BSMC3 27 BSMC3 28 BSMC3 29 BSMC3 30 BSMC3 31 BSMC3 32 BSMC3 33 BSMC3 34 BSMC3 35 BSMC3 36 BSMC3 37 BSMC3 38 BSMC3 39 BSMC3 40 BSMC3 41 BSMC3 42 BSMC3 43 BSMC3 44 BSMC3 45 BSMC3 46 BSMC3 47 BSMC3 48