C59R.4 1 We're used to seeing R-series Beemers stripped of their fairings, and without mirrors or big indies, but this latest custom R100 to roll out of the doors of C59R's workshop has been built into something very different. By re-making the original bike - complete with metallic graduated paint and pinstripes - they've turned it into something oddly up-to-date. It's distinctly distinguished, but by no means old. C59R.4 2 The bike was built by Josep and the guys at C59R for a client who wanted "a classic-style Cafe Racer for everyday use to enjoy alone or in company", and is called GranDream because it was literally his grand dream to own such a bike. The donor is an R100RS with an adapted R90S fairing and the build centres around it's impeccable finish, with high quality chrome, burnished aluminium, stainless steel bolts and fasteners. C59R.4 3 The handlebars were lengthened by a full 5cm on each side to improve turning and the bike keeps the original throttle controls and switches. The speedo/dash is an Acewell Series 4 which combines analogue rpm with digital speed, integrated with all the usual warning lights and temp indicator, etc. C59R.4 5 The engine, gearbox and final drive have been completely renovated, along with the electrics, to provide a machine that will last well into the next 150,000 miles, and it's been externally re-finished in keeping with the rest of the bike's makeover. C59R.4 4 Apart from this plush-looking diamond-stitched seat, the rear end of the bike also features a folding, lockable seat cowl designed to store documents safely, a specially manufactured aluminium rear fender and short tapered exhaust with handcrafted DB Killer, leaving enough of a rumble to make sure people know you are coming. The original suspension has been kept, although an NHK steering damper has been fitted to keep things stable at Autobahn speeds. C59R.4 6 Keeping to the "re-made original" ethos the bike has been painted in British Racing Green fading out to Black in that 70's BMW signature style with a Vermeer Gold pinstripe to complement the wheels, rear shocks and brake calipers. C59R.4 7 This build may join the growing ranks of BMW R-Series customs, but it breaks the mold by not breaking the mold. Impressive stuff and very well done. Thanks to Josep and C59R for sharing with us at The Bike Shed. See more from C59R on their WEBSITE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST and VIMEO pages