CRD SR 250 1 It's been a while since Cafe Racer Dreams got their spanners onto a Yamaha SR250, but this punchy little streetbike has been back in the garages of Pedro and Efra in Madrid, and the result is this picture-perfect little city tracker. CRD SR 250 2 The 239cc Yamaha SR has long been a popular donor for first time shed builds, but it makes a great bike for any rider as they're almost bulletproof, and with so little weight between your legs they give confidence through city traffic. CRD SR 250 3 Most SRs get similar treatment, with the original tank and basic chassis parts, with most of the work going into chopping and looping the subframe to host a slimline scrambler style seat, a clean subframe without a battery or airbox in sight and a tidying-up of the bars, instruments, switch-gear, electrics and lighting including a Bates style headlight and Highway Hawk style rear stop/tail lamp. CRD SR 250 4 Built to be ridden, this SR has a short front fender and wide Renthal ultralow bars for plenty of leverage, and it hangs on to it's pillion pegs, suggesting a bike to be shared with the rider's better half. CRD SR 250 5 The engines aren't exactly performance equipment, but the reverse cone exhaust and free breathing Mikuni carbs will add to the delivery and of course the soundtrack too. To finish off the black powdercoated wire-spoked wheels are shod with a set of fat trendy Firestones, with an over-sized front. CRD SR 250 6 It's all basic stuff but the sum of the parts adds up to a whole lot of little bike which, when ridden in anger, would be hard to chase through any urban streets in rush-hour. See more from Pedro and Efra at Cafe Racer Dreams or there's much more on the Bike's Shed's Cafe Racer Dreams pages. Thanks to for the photos.