crd 1 The Cafe Racer Dreams custom freight train shows no sign of slowing down, and why should it. The order book is bulging, benches are full and the queue of satisfied customers stretches around the block. Pedro and the team are well on their way towards build number 100 and their archive here on the Bike Shed runs to a couple of pages. Although well known for BMW Airhead builds they have form when it comes to delivering handsome city lane splitters to discerning ladies and gents across Europe. crd2 Juan from Madrid wanted exactly that, a light and flickable machine to dodge rush hour traffic but without sacrificing style. A nondescript scooter will get you across town but they rarely put a smile on the riders face. Juan also wanted to be reminded of the wider expanses of freedom outside of the capital so requested the now familiar scrambler theme. That said, anyone who's spent any time in rural Spain will know that it doesn't take a huge amount of effort to find a dirt track once outside the city limits so Juan is bound to enjoy the results of CRD's efforts. crd3 A Yamaha SR250 from 1983 was the lucky recipient of a complete overhaul and given a new lease of life. These single-pot motors go on forever and rarely need ripping apart, saving time and expense for the often more rewarding aesthetic revamp. Crackle finish paint with raw cooling fin edges is a timeless look and in this case adds to the dark and moody looks of the matt black tank and side panels. crd4A benefit of of having been through the R&D on the previous 60+ builds is that certain parts can be pulled off the shelf and fitted giving Juan more bang for his buck. Ally mudguards have been given the Scotch Brite treatment to wind back the clock for a more retro feel. crd5To maintain the classic scrambler theme a comfy, thick seat was made and covered with proper waxed cotton from the purveyors of water repellent excellence, Barbour. Combined with the rear loop for a grab rail Juan should be able to squeeze a companion onboard for ripping through the congested city. Ladies in short skirts might want to ride side saddle to avoid the side exit zorst but form the looks of things Juan is going to be having too much fun to worry about passengers. crd6Plain, simple and understated is often the order of the day at Cafe Racer Dreams and when the recipe tastes this good why change it. By the time this feature is published Pedro and the guys will have probably already finished the paint on #68 . Check out their extensive library and new motorcycle emporium Bike Shed Archive | Madrid Store | Facebook | Instagram