Calum is 23, from Surrey in England, and this little beauty is first bike build - although up until now he has been building and restoring classic cars, including his own 1959 Ford 100e powered by a Lotus twin cam - so he's no slouch when it comes to wielding a spanner. Calum has been around classic cars and bikes his whole life, hugely influenced by his father, who from the age of 19 owned a Vincent black shadow (he's 57 now). As soon as he was strong enough to hold on tight he would travel around on the back of the Vincent, and if that hadn't turned him into a petrolhead then nothing would. Although Calum was keen to get on a bike as soon as legally possible it wasn't until he was 22 that he finally earned his own bike license, but it was a short-lived experience thanks to the temptation of the open road and an unfortunately placed undercover police car. Calum went from the freedom of two wheels back to asking his parents for a lift! Meanwhile Calum had been training for his pilots license which he finished soon after he got the ban, so now he has to ride a push bike to the airfield so he can hop into a plane and fly. Undeterred, Calum decided that if he couldn't ride a bike, a least he could build one. He did his research online to get ideas and inspiration, and ultimately decided on a Honda CB750; a cheap, reliable donor bike with a decent power plant and beloved by custom builders the world over. Eventually he found one and got it home to rip apart. "I started with the back end of the frame, after working out how I wanted the seat to look I started cutting bending and welding, then some time was spent cleaning the frame up of any brackets not being used. Once I was happy with the frame I sent everything away for a sandblast. Now to decide on a color, I found it hard having a total blank canvas, with so many ideas, but on a trip out with my dad I saw an early VW camper parked at the side of the road in light metallic blue with cream, it looked great and that decided the colors for me" "I wanted to keep the project on as much as a budget as possible, most parts were sourced from ebay apart from the exhaust courtesy of cycle X and all the work apart from the seat trimming was done by me. Fortunately for me my dad owns a garage so I have access to a paint booth and any tools I didn't have at home. So with everything painted I assembled the bike to what you see now, the only problem is I still don't have a license so my dad gets the pleasure of riding it!" Check out the Vincent Black Shadow and other enviable machinery (and space!) in the family garage. Calum has clearly earned his stripes on this build, so as soon as he earns his license back he'll be back on two wheels, but not on these two wheels, as luckily for someone out there, he's decided to sell this lovely little bike and start working on another... He's only looking for £3000, so get in touch with Calum HERE.