Christians R80RT 1 The legendary BMW boxer engine, rugged dirt tyres, high wide bars and a roll full of tools, just in case. Everything you could need to fulfil a compulsive wanderlust. Hit the road and let the ride unwind an adventure. This BMW R80 RT was built in its Bavarian homeland by hobby mechanic Christian, it requited a long standing dream of his to craft this very machine. It was his first build, and the finished article is just reward for his long lonely winter spent working in the basement of his home. Christians R80RT 2 Christian found the donor bike via an internet classified ad, after parting with a reasonable 1700 Euros he set to work transferring his ideas onto the metal. The bike he had purchased was a 1987 model, (type 247 for you boxer geeks) that delivers 50 bhp from its 785 cc capacity. Christians R80RT 3 The mill was given a thorough overhaul by Fa. Langwieder in Neukirchen to ensure Christians graft would grace a thoroughly solid machine and that the intriguingly mounted tool roll would be more for its visual impact than its contents. The engine was then glass beed blasted to an as new finish, the rocker covers and front engine section powder coated in gloss black for contrast. Christians R80RT 4 The colour scheme barely garnered a second thought from Christian, "Matte black and brown leather was the only choice for this bike. it should be angry." Angry yes, yet undeniably classy. That giant blackboard of a tank eagerly awaits some temporary chalk scrawled directions to dictate the course of a ride. Christians R80RT 5 High bars with topple unfriendly bar end indicators and reassuring mirrors are kept clean and simple with the Motogadget speedometer classically mounted in the headlight binnacle. The un-fussy matte black powder coating extends to all of the running gear including the perpetually lovely snowflake wheels. A new stainless steel exhaust system was fitted, with chrome silencers completing the colour and texture palette. Christians R80RT 6 So far so Scrambler, but the seat and tail section diversify the look, seemingly more destined for a cafe style build. But the unit works elegantly with the unobtrusive rear frame which was reduced to the bare minimum required for structural rigidity. The brown leather upholstery adds a drawing room plushness to the build and compliments the aforementioned tool storage. Christians R80RT 7 If you must, you could tag it as a Scramble Cafe, or if like us categorising and pigeon holes bore you, you could simply declare it for what it is; A great looking motorcycle. Great work Christian. Enjoy the ride. For more details check out Christians page