The Honda Dominator is one of those workhorse bikes that Honda got exactly right back in the early 1990s, but they were always a bit of a cult bike, even when new. Mark the Biker, MTV Europe's one and only bike courier, had one that seemed to go on forever, despite several crashes and regular wheelie abuse. In fact he's probably still riding it round Camden today. They're that tough. It's therefore not surprising that a few builders have seen the potential in the practical engine and chassis, with some mixed results, and not all great.

Andrew Greenland from South Wales has been building scramblers out of these bikes for a while - he's part way through number six - and out of all the Dommie-based customs I've seen these are definitely my favourites, sporting understated, downsized 125 tanks, with sub frames cut down to accommodate the shorter rider, but best of all, they look like they were actually built that way in the first place - but perhaps back in the 1970s or 80s. In other words, Andrew has re-created the '70s & '80s scrambler/trailie, bearing the soul of the much loved XT and XL, with a reliable, pokey, air-cooled 650cc bullet-proof Honda single from the 1990s. I think I'm in love with the simplicity and sense of purpose.

Not exactly pretty without a huge dollop of hindsight and some severely rose-tited spec, but, get busy and...

A perfect ride, from the great outdoors to the urban jungle

The stance of these bikes reminds me of the TS125X I wheelied past my old school gates in the late '80s

It's amazing to think Andrew has pulled off such off such a class-act in his shed, starting with one £300 donor and going on to build five timeless - and dare it say it, pretty - bikes, (especially knowing they are all rattle-can painted) but best of all - it's not his job. All these bikes are Shed-built out of a passion for motorcycles, and although he's sold a few, they weren't built to sell or made to a commission... Andrew just wants us all to be inspired by his bikes and build one for ourselves. Maybe we should all go and see what's on ebay right now?