Clutch 3 A French poet once wrote, 'Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away'. This mantra could be emblazoned bold on the Paris based Clutch Custom Motorcycle garage wall. Clutch 2 Their take on the ever popular and adaptable Beemer boxer platform is a lesson in stance, proportion, elegance and execution. I bet it would be mighty fun to romp around its twisty native streets on as well.... Clutch 6 That purposeful stance is achieved by some judicious frame modifications, including repositioned and shortened shocks and lowered front forks. Clutch 4 The original wheels have been shod with Coker diamond tread tyres and detailed with black spokes against stainless nipples, a beautiful trademark Clutch treatment that they also applied to their xs650 that stole hearts at the latest Bike Shed Event. Clutch 5 The restrained deep navy blue of the tank sits perfectly against the tan tuck 'n' roll seat like a pair of heavy denim jeans against leather work boots. The colour scheme is set off by the alloy fuel cap and fenders finishing the bike with a masculine yet elegant style. Clutch 1 A quick trawl through the Clutch Customs blog reveals that Willie Knoll and the rest of the Clutch crew not only know how to hang together a splendid bike but how to hang out and have a damn good time as well. Their 'Back to School BBQ' event looked like the sort of knees up we wish happened every weekend on our street and shows how the custom scene is thriving over in Paris. Vive la France! See more from Clutch Customs on their Facebook Page and Website. Posted by Gareth@TheBikeShed