I've seen some transformations in the last few years, and 10 lifetimes worth of R series Beemers, but this ex-police R80 is up with the best of them. This is not only Connor's first custom build but it's his first attempt at machining! He bought a lathe and a CNC machine, and spent a year on YouTube teaching himself how they worked. And this is the quite incredible result. Connor's masterpiece was exhibited at Bike Shed London 2018 under the banner of Sovereign Industries, which I presumed it was the work of some experienced pro shop, not a shed dwelling amateur popping his custom cherry. Click on these gallery images for a close-up, but for a proper insight see the video below. Connor popped down to our Shoreditch HQ to shoot a Regulars Ride video (below), which does a much better job of demonstrating his talents than a bunch of my waffle. Under that jovial and humble delivery lays quite some skill and talent - a great piece of work. Sovereign Industries Instagram | Facebook