Corb SR250 Bielsa 1 Post up a few Trackers and the floodgates open, so we're very pleased to help showcase this SR250 street tracker as an alternative to the Dominators and XRs etc, and in contrast to the SRs that are usually more scrambler/cafe in style. The bike has been put together by Santi Garcia of Corb Motorcycles from Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain. Corb SR250 Bielsa 2 Santi's first Corb MC build was a 125cc Vespa, so he considers this SR as his fist proper Motorcycle. He worked in collaboration with Bike Shed favourites, La Corona, as they built him a KZ400 that you can see on The Bike Shed and in the BikeEXIF coffee-table book, The Ride. This bike, "Bielsa", is a demonstration of what Santi could achieve with a low-cost build, although it doesn't look like a machine with too many compromises. Corb SR250 Bielsa 3 FBC The brief was to build a Dirt Tracker with 'elegance' that was as far away from the original donor as possible in its look and feel, and to be completely rideable, as this was to be the owners first bike. The bike has been graced with new wheels, wearing chunky Dunlop K460s. The rear shocks are upgraded items from Hagon. The subframe hasn't been looped at the rear but it easily accommodates the new handmade custom seat with diamond-stitched upholstery. There are new lights front and back, with mini speedo, mini indicators and a mini oil temp gauge. Corb SR250 Bielsa 4 The exhaust is by Dime City Cycles and the engine breathes-in through new filters. The electrics have also been simplified and the wires kept out of sight, running inside the new tracker handlebars. The battery is left exposed. Other mods include custom fenders, front and back, a handmade license plate holder and a host of other brackets, plates and parts. The front number board is a nice touch, wrapped around the Bates style headlight and showing-off the same silk black and white race-striped colours as the tank. Corb SR250 Bielsa 5 Santi tells us that the bike is a blast to ride, while not exactly powerful she's a great city bike with plenty of bark from the pipes and just as happy in the city or the country - and most importantly, the new owner loves it. Corb SR250 Bielsa 6 It's a nice variation on both the tracker style and on the humble Yamaha SR250, so thanks to Santi for sharing with us at The Bike Shed. He's now working on a Yamaha XT600, and we look forward to seeing it on our pages soon. See more from Corb Motorcycles on their Facebook page.