Cafe Racer Dreams have woken us up from our winter slumber with another exquisite dream-machine, this time based on the Honda Dominator (AKA the NX650 - depending on where you live), a platform that became very popular with UK & European custom builders in 2012, as it provides a quality chassis and reliable pokey engine in a configuration that can easily be stripped back to look more like a bike from the 70s than the 90s, mostly by grafting on an XT500 tank, which is exactly what Pedro & Co have done here, and it looks sweet!

Renthal Ultra-lows provide plenty of leverage in the turns for a dirt bike riding position, to be ridden elbows-up, head-down and with a wide grin.

All you need up-front are simple controls and a single dial. the rest of your view is left uncluttered so you can take in the scenery as it zips past in a cloud of dust.

As well as building badass bikes you can ride every day, it's the paint jobs that often set Cafe Racer Dreams bikes apart from other custom builders, and the livery on this machine is no exception, with subtle Green & Silver on a cream frame; colours that seem to hark back to better times, but with with a modern quality of finish.

One of the great things about the Dominator is the engine; a 644cc air-cooled mill with plenty of poke, so all it needed was to breathe a little better with K&N filters and a free-flowing custom exhaust.

Tan brat/scrambler style seat and grips complements the modern retro livery perfectly. The stance is distinctly practical, and just begs you to swing a leg over and fire her up for a ride.

Excel rims are smaller than stock at the front and larger at the rear, and shod with trendy but controversial Firestones. Ohlins takes care of suspension at the rear, which is a good as it gets.

Bespoke pipework is beautifully crafted with visible bluish welds and it exits low.

A clean and simple shortened matt black fender at the rear complements the item up front, suggesting a bike that can actually be ridden in the wet without a face-full of filth or brown stripes up your back. We hope to see some action shots of this lovely machine sometime, as CRD often seem to have a good rider on hand to test their builds in front of the camera.

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