CRD 27 RsideFA 800

This tasteful, and dare we say it, practical BMW scrambler/brat custom from Cafe Racer Dreams was amazingly turned around in four weeks and built on a budget.

CRD 27 Factory 800

Forks are original items. Bars are Renthal Ultra lows with grips from the Cafe Racer Dreams online store. Speedo is Motogadget.

CRD 27 Rside FAW 800

The subframe has been chopped and looped as you'd expect, while the seat was fabricated by the Cafe Racer Dreams crew. Just to prove the point on practicality, the fenders extend fully forward, covering the gap where the battery used to be and actually protecting the rear of the engine from muck and grime. Rear twin shocks come from a Harley XR 1200.

CRD 27 Seat & Fender 800 The owner is Frenchman Didier, and equally impressive was his faith in Pery and his crew at the Cafe Creams workshop, as he sourced the donor R100/7 in London, and had it transported to their garage in Madrid so it could be built for him to use in the French Alps. Didier has seen, and fallen in love with, CRD#17, aka Ruby Ring, and he wanted something similar, but at a lower costs, and in record time.

CRD 27 Rside 800

Perfectly proportioned silhouette?

CRD 27 Seat & Key 800

Even in closeup, a bare ignition key stands up to scrutiny.

CRD 27 Lside 800

Interesting placement of the rear view mirror probably works really well, and keeps the bars and controls clean.

CRD 27 Front AWheel 800

As it turns out this budget build has become one of Pery's all time favourites; classy, smart and completely functional too. CRD 27 Rear MS 800