CRD Monster RSFA 800 A while back we featured Cafe Racer Dream's Monster 695 as work in progress; a budget build that Efra and Pedro were putting together for Carlos. Pedro used to work for Ducati Madrid and has always been a fan of the original Monster as she comes outta the box, but there were always a few details he didn't like, and this build gave them a chance to put those details right.

CRD Monster Headlamp & Bars 800

To really make your mark on the Monster you need to remove the tank, but as this was off the menu the guys concentrated on sorting out the fugly seat setup, handmaking the seat and a whole new rear end of the chassis. Next up were the Headlight and clunky clocks, replaced with neater items with the speedo from Motogadget.

CRD Monster LSFA 800

Indicators and mirrors were also swapped out for much nicer items, and although she retains the trademark Ducati red frame the tank was repainted by Pedro & Co in a metallic grey using the old school Ducati 'double-line' logo from the late 70s. Our favourite of all the Ducati marks.

CRD Monster Clocks & Bars 800

It doesn't get any better than Motogadget.

CRD Monster LSFA MCU 800

Updated rear end is a huge improvement.

CRD Monster RS MS 800

Overall it's a pretty modest upgrade leaving the rest of the bike stock, including the exhaust and even the end cans, but it still makes a huge difference to the feel of the bike. If only they came like this outta the factory. Cafe Racer Dreams have put some Beauty into the Beast.

CRD Monster Rside 800

Pedro & Efra's kitchen needs a woman's touch.

Pedro & Efra 800

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