CRD28 1 Hands up, we admit it. We love Cafe Racer Dreams' bikes - and we make no apologies for it, and the reason is simple; builds like this Kz750 Twin brat. In most respects the brat style take on any late 70s or early 80s Japanese bike will always follow a simple formula: Strip off the ugly bits, hide the electrics, chop the rear subframe, add a loop and fit a flat seat, etc, but even when you follow the rules some bikes just come out a bit 'righter' than others. CRD28 7 This bike is very right indeed. It might be those twin shotgun pipes, or the way the short seat balances out the length of the tank, but whatever it is, it makes me want one. CRD28 4 Interestingly enough this bike is not one that Pery & Efra at Cafe Racer Dreams are overly excited about. Like most custom builds, it has been built to the customer's spec and wishes, rather than to the builders own tastes, and for Pery the paintwork doesn't quite carry the usual CRD trademark style, but even in these more modest tones the bike still screams 'built in Madrid' to us. It's lovely. CRD28 5 Another reason is that the Kz750 has been done to death by the likes of the Wrenchmonkees which means builds like this will be compared to bikes that have rolled out of the WM workshops, but no matter - as far as we are concerned this is a Cafe Racer Dreams beauty. CRD28 3 Keeping the rear subframe clear of battery and electrics is a part of the Cafe Racer Dreams trademark, as is the balance and overall weighting of the bike from axel to axel. A tucked-in Bates style headlamp practically hides between the front forks, while wide black upswept scrambler style bars sit behind a simple black crinkle finish speedo. Indicators are there but black, small and subtle. CRD28 6 The rear of the bike has a cutdown black fender to complement the item on the front, with a small Highway Hawk style rear lamp craning over the number plate. The small wire wheels wear big fat Firestones that always polarise the biking community, but having ridden a bike wearing these recently I can report they are indeed motorcycle tyres, and I did not find myself being ejected from the bike every time I came upon a corner or had to use the brakes. In other words, they work just fine and they look good - and this is not a performance machine. CRD28 2 So, here she is. Another top-tier custom beauty from one of our favourite workshops. We hope you enjoy looking at the pics as much as we do. I just wish she was parked outside the house right now, but then I wouldn't be sitting here typing. Thanks again to Pery & Efra at Cafe Racer Dreams for sharing. Keep 'em coming. CRD28 8 FB Photos are by Enrique Pacheco.