In a world where your nan uses an iPhone and Bitcoin is old hat it makes sense that the new generation of bike builders are embracing technology to bring their ideas to life. Looped subframes have surely seen their day, step forward 3D scanning and rapid prototyping. Simon from DAB Design in South West France has been working on a series of revamped Honda Dommies and 'crossers but this latest project is a sizeable leap forward. Got a 2014 or newer BMW R nineT that you're bored looking at and fancy a refresh? Well, Simon has scanned with micron perfect precision the original bike and created this bolt-on kit which he plans to produce and release next year. Just as soon as he's raised funds. With little more than a Christmas cracker tool kit owners will be able to radically alter their own bikes without cutting or welding, important when such bikes are a large investment and manufacturer warranty still invaluable. There will be three levels of kit, depending on budget. CNC machined moulds can be layered with a choice of materials, from the entry-level unit's fibreglass, to flax (see DAB's first build here ) and the top spec, which is of course carbon fibre. The lighting system is fully EU road legal and requires only the most basic of skills and tools to fit. A true plug-and-play DIY project. Four colours are available as standard but you can specify others by negotiation. It'd look pretty damn killer in black! OK, so it's not our usual thing to feature bikes that don't even exist yet but the future is already here and we wouldn't want to be seen as luddites now, would we. Bike Shed doesn't endorse or back crowdfunding projects for obvious reasons but we're all grownups here and if you want more details about the project and how to place an order - find out here. To see other builds from Simon and DAB Design Bike Shed Archive | Web | Facebook | Instagram