Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 1 Many a road bike has been turned into a racer, but it's not often the other way around. But that's what's happened to this race winning, thoroughbred Tracker thanks to Dael, a 30 year old aspiring documentary maker. Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 2 Dael is the first to admit that he hasn't done a great deal to this bike. All he really had to do was modify the side stand, wire up the rectifier, add a mirror and make some brackets for the lights. But he did have the idea and the balls to put this bike on the road. And besides, if Dael didn't have to do much, the same can't be said for the previous owner. This bike is one serious bit of kit... Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 3 The Rotax 640cc engine has billet crankcases and Titanium springs. It's been head flowed and set up on the dyno to run perfectly with the 41mm Keihin FCR pumper carb. The C&J frame has been Nickel Plated and a one off titanium exhaust was made by the legends at Racefit. The wheels are Performance Machine Dirt Track. The forks are from an R6 and have been re-valved for the dirt by K-Tech. Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 4 The aluminium tank was hand made by Storz California, and the flake orange paint job with platinum leaf detailing was done by Paintbox. There's a Brembo 4 Pot rear brake & disc, a Penske rear shock, a Beringer clutch lever + front master cylinder, some Flanders Flat Track bars and custom made titanium Bates foot-pegs. Phew. Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 5 Dael say that bikes for him aren't about commuting (good job too with this animal), they're an escape at the weekends. He loves the look of bikes from the 60s and 70s and loves to be able to hear the exhaust note. Reckon he chose the right bike don't you? Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 6 This bike is clearly not for the faint hearted. The pipes make the neighbours hide behind curtains and the acceleration is a tad different to Dael's previous ride, a Bonneville, mainly because it weighs in at a staggeringly anorexic 110kg! Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 7 It's often tempting to snap up a race bike and use it on the road, but it's not as straight forward as it sounds. What works well on the track can often be a total pig on the road. But if you don't need it to be your daily ride, and do a bit of homework, it can be a great way to get your biking fix on something totally unique, without having to do too much spannering yourself to get there. Enjoy the ride Dael, and get the earplugs out neighbours. Meanwhile, you can see this bike in the flesh at the BSMC Exhibition Event in London this May. Dael Poulter Rotax Tracker 8