Dagger Cycles SRX 1 THUMB The spirit of punk rock is well and truly alive and kicking in this latest build from Italy's Dagger Cycles. Not only has the motif "Ignore Alien Orders" migrated it's way from Joe Strummer's guitar in Rock the Casbah onto the fairing, there's a distinct whiff of two-fingered 'Up-Yours!' to the way Robert Polizzi - AKA Roby - and his crew do things. Dagger Cycles SRX 2 Roby is 42 years old and lives in Biella, in the north of Italy. "I’ve always been in the two wheels world since I was a little child. I worked in a motorbike spare parts shop in the past and now in a motorcycle workshop." Dagger Cycles SRX 3 "I started also my own brand, Dagger Cycles. The name comes from the two daggers I have tattooed on my arms. I also chose that name also because it sounds like 'stabbing' the stock bikes with my modifications." Dagger Cycles SRX 4 Back in it's day the 600cc SRX6 wasn't a particularly outstanding machine, but it was always one of Roby's favourite bikes. “When I was twenty years old, I got crazy for this bike. Almost unknown in Italy, 3 brake discs, alloy wheels, clipon handlebars, classic big front light, short exhaust. It was light years ahead compared to other bikes of that time. A Japanese bike perfect for thugs and hooligans. Maybe the only problem it had is that it belonged to a period, the mid Eighties, in which the classic shapes of the old bikes were changing into something new. That bike was a little 'messy' but on another side, it was a good start for such a different project." Dagger Cycles SRX 5 “The one I bought wasn’t in good condition, so first I had to overhaul almost everything. Then I started thinking on the new shapes of the bike. I had a lot of crisis and following illuminations on what the bike had to become. But in the end everything came out by itself; that bike had to be a desecrating wicked street racer. So I needed to feature a few sporty details and a brilliant colour.” Dagger Cycles SRX 6 The engine has been fully rebuilt and the bike furnished with plenty of upgraded parts, but the obvious components that give this bike it's punchy silhouette are the one-off fibreglass seat unit and the bikini fairing, which was donated by an MV Augusta minibike. The matt black paint, decalled-up with punk rock attitude clashes nicely with the cherry red metal flake paint on the original tank. Dagger Cycles SRX 7 To add to the exaggerated lines of the bike the clipon bars are mounted upside down. An oversized front Maxxis tyre makes the black bikini look even more mini. At a standstill the whole bike looks like it's leaning forward like a frisky bulldog puppy straining against it's owner's lead, ready to run off and play. Dagger Cycles SRX 8 The front brakes are stock, but backed-up by uprated calipers and a Brembo radial master cylinder donated by an unnamed supermoto. The front forks boast new internal springs, complement by Gas piggy-back twin shocks at the rear wearing braided hoses. A Yamaha RD donated the instruments set in a hand-made dashboard. Lighting comes from EX Customs. Dagger Cycles SRX 9 If you look through the Roby's back-catalogue of builds this bike is pure "Dagger Cycles" full of character and individuality - just like the guys who put it together. Huge thanks to Roberto and the crew, who are in attendance at pretty much every Bike Shed event, bringing their positive energy to every show. Dagger Cycles SRX 10 See more from Dagger Cycles on The Bike Shed and their Facebook page.