Dagger Thruxton 1 No wonder the Italian economy is still tanking, everyone has skipped work to go and ride through the hills on gorgeous custom bikes. Well, that's what it seems like judging from the inundation of our inbox by super-passionate Italian builders. Dagger Cycles are one such outfit based just outside Torino, who were kind enough to make the imaginary trip to The Shed last year with the diminutive TT350, Little Misfit. This time proprietor of Dagger, Roberto, doesn't get to keep the result of his endeavours as this Triumph Thruxton belongs to friend and customer Cristiano. Fresh from the showroom these are fine bikes and Cristiano spent many a happy riding hour fantasising that he was racing around London's A406 to the Ace Cafe. But once off the bike, "enjoying a cuppa" (his words not mine - do we export tea bags to Italy?) the slightly blingy stock parts began to aggravate. Dagger Thruxton 2 A moodier and sophisticated look was needed so the rims and hubs were sent off to the local Verniciatura a Plover man for coating in black. Not just bike porn in The Bike Shed, language classes too. The British Racing Green on the tank received the matt treatment with distressed Triumph lettering to dumb down the rest of the build's newness. Matt black paint on the side panels and light mounts further dull the sparkle. The 900cc twin lends itself to subdued themes with its blend of black-painted engine and polished aluminium side and rocker covers, and the machined cylinder cooling fins. Dagger Thruxton 3 The zorst is an in-house fabricated stainless steel 2-into-1 system with a short run to a relatively stubby reverse megaphone muffler, which should sound pretty punchy indeed. The line is neat and the proportions spot on, not too high and Scrambler-ish and not too low and Cafe Racer-ish; it just looks correct. Whilst neatening things up Roberto fabricated a licence plate mount which incorporates the LED stop/tail light. Dagger Thruxton 4 Subtle machined branding on the carb tops match the colour theme and whisper quality rather than yell it fluorescently, besides, that tattoo is loud enough. Dedication to the passion. Whilst the mill was in use a neat fuel cap was turned from aluminium. Dagger Thruxton 5 Rubber is by Avon, Roadriders to be precise and rear shocks are Gaz so Cristiano should be able to keep himself not so shiny side up. Triumph have had the Thruxton in their lineup for a decade now so stylistically it can't be too bad out of the crate but with some subtle and well executed tweaks you've got yourself an individual machine that rides well and looks cool. Apologies designers of Hinckley, you've been trumped. Keep your eye on Roberto and the Dagger Cycles Facebook page for the next project.