Deep Creek Cycle Works from Belgium is one of the success stories of the last few years, it's founder, frontman and sole employee Kris Reniers used to be an industrial electrician with an evening/weekend sideline in customising motorcycles. The quality of his builds was top notch from day one with no need for a development period, he came out of the gate all guns blazing. For the last few years Deep Creek have been regulars at our Bike Shed Paris & London shows, we're always keen to see Kris, blow the froth off a couple of beers and chat bikes. He's a racer, engineering perfectionist and all round good guy - no wonder then that the list of happy customers is a long one. This Ducati ST2 based project was commissioned by a chap wanting a cool yet practical daily ride in the style of the Earle Motors street tracker from a few years ago. We're big fans of that bike and glad to see the concept embraced this side of the pond. Bike Exif continue the story of the build over on See more from Deep Creek Cycleworks on Bike Shed Archive | Facebook | Web Photos by Fotostudio Art Defence