Def Dominator 1 DEFMoto's second build could very well belong to one of you by the time this story is posted up, as it's on sale on eBay UK at a stupidly low price as I type. Honda NX650 Dominator based trackers have been surfacing on the scene quite a lot recently - in a trend arguably started by Andrew Greenland a couple of years ago. The air-cooled Honda single is pokey and reliable, and while the chassis and components are 1990 quality they are pure 80s in design, allowing builders to create timeless scramblers that have modern manners. And can you think of a better second bike? Def Dominator 2 "This build all started around that lime green CB200 tank. I actually bought it for the first bike but fell in love with the colour and the patina and needed to build a bike around it . The seat unit was basically finished before I bought the donor bike which was definitely going to be a BMW boxer...Once I'd found the Honda Dominator (I know, can you see a pattern emerging?) I set to work." Def Dominator 7 Def Dominator 3 "I started with removing the rear end and replacing with the monocoque seat, mounts for the new tank, powder coat, rebuilding the wheels in-house - changing the front to 17", and the custom side exit exhaust silencer which also acts as a stiffener for the seat stays and a mud shield for the air filter. I'm quite proud to say that apart from powder coat and the seat upholstery everything was done in house." Def Dominator 4 My favourite aspect of this build was the silencer. It came about when I was trying to integrate a mud shield to cover the silencers that were going to be fitted in this area. It was all starting to look a little messy when I thought hang on?.... And threw everything away and built this, it's sounds really nice!" Def Dominator 5 "This bike is up for sale at the moment to fund the 3rd and final "do what I want "build to raise the profile of the company. It's going to be another low budget build with lots of time intensive fab to hopefully show part of what DEFMoto is about, taking the ugly ducklings, the bikes with little to no cult status and up-cycling them into reasonable budget but cool retro rides...." "I'd also if i could like thank CRC restoration services for the top job on the carbs, and all their advice and help, my good mate Craig Hunter at Galaxy for the seat upholstery on both builds, and Jeff at KB wheels in Bolton for the stainless spokes and wheel building advice, oh and you should see the Silk 700 he's rebuilding!" Def Dominator 6 You gotta love Paul's way of working. Start with a Honda tank because you love the scratches on it, decide to build a BMW boxer with it, and end up building a rule-breaking 90's Dominator based tracker. It's a bit of a marmite bike for many, but for us it smacks of pure genius with a clever (if unusual-looking) rear-end that's about a lot more than just the design, and a custom bike that is as practical as it is original. A proper stand-out bike in a world of me-toos. Has anyone bought it yet? Please bring it to our October Event so we can see it in the flesh. Def Dominator 9 See more from Paul and DEFMoto on their Facebook pages. I suspect they're one to watch.