Pistola 1 THUMB Desmoone is a builder and engineer from Civita Castellana, near Rome. Having built many a house in his time, he thought he'd try his hand at building his own bike for a change. And what a great job he's made of it too. Pistola 2 A 1998 Honda Dominator was the donor (is there a standard one of these left anywhere in the world now?). Ali/Untitled's VFR based build, 'The Gambler' looks like it might have been the inspiration...! Pistola 3 Both ends of the bike have been lowered, achieved by a bit of cutting and welding of the rear subframe, and the adoption of a front wheel and set of forks from a Honda Vigor. The tank has been donated by a Honda CG125 and now hides all the electrics and a tiny lithium battery. The tyres have been swapped for Continental TCK80's and the exhaust is a short Arrow Dakar unit. Pistola 4 The neatly tapered seat is hand made and covered in a light tan coloured leather, which will make swinging dirty boots over it a nerve racking experience every time. The front light is from a Honda Monkey bike, and various accessories have been sourced from aftermarket sites around the world. Pistola 5 Desmoone states 'imperfection' as his signature feature. If you look closely at his welds you'll see why. They are, to use his own words, 'horrible'. But hey, as long as they're strong enough to hold the two parts together they were designed to, who gives a monkey's? Pistola 6 He is also keen to point out that this scrambler was built on the cheap. Something to be proud, not ashamed of. Many of the original parts were sold in order to buy the new bits and pieces he needed. This is a bike built with passion, not loads of money. Desmoone wanted it to stand out from the many 'interesting, but expensive' builds out there, and had just one target : “cheap & special”. In all, all the bike only cost him 1750€ (about 2400$), including the price of the original Dominator. Target achieved. Pistola 7 Desmoone says this bike has made him very happy. We're not surprised. Spending so little and achieving so much is something that would make us happy too. He's realised a long held dream of building his own bike, and is now plotting build number 2 - a CX500 bobber. Make sure you wheel her into the shed when she's done mate.