Roland Sands has recently chopped up a perfectly good Ducati Desmosedici RR and turned it into a Flat/Street tracker and then trashed it round a dirt oval. You Tube Link Ducatista's are up in arms of the defilation of such an object of rare beauty, but others think it rocks - or even makes perfect sense. Apprently the owner, Justyn Amstutz, has (had?) three DesmosediciRRs (only 1500 were made) so perhaps if anyone can do this, he can...

Brave or bonkers?

I think the original bike is already totally overpriced when you consider it's actual performance, so spending more to rip it up (and probably devalue it, LOL) is so far beyond my scope I am left without an opinion, other than to say it looks quite good and I'd love a go on one. Here are few links to other vids and pics... Cafe Racer Culture 2WheelTuesday Cycle World Roland Sands