Full Marks to Gary Inman (of Sideburn) and his co-conspirators, in setting-up the most bonkers biking event of the year. Sliding round a dirt oval on a speedway bike or flat tracker makes plenty of sense, but opening up the action to choppers and other "inappropriates" was a stroke of insane genius. Combine that with live band (in suits, natch) playing TV show theme tunes, plus a few Rollergirls, and you have a proper Saturday evening out. It was also an antidote to the over-protective health & safety culture that seems to dominate most of British life these days, where nothing fun is ever allowed. Seeing mud covered choppers, being ridden by guys in gold flake lids and superman capes transported me back to a time where fun was unregulated, and silliness ruled. Thanks fuck for people like this. The band took every opportunity to strike up the theme tune from TV drama, Casualty, every time 'The Inappropriates' rolled into the track, and it was just superb watching C90s, battle it out with a GS1200 Adventure, a Fireblade (WTF) and a female-piloted metric cruiser, amongst other completely wrong bikes. But it was the choppers that stole the show. ... Having learned to ride off road, I know it's all about keeping the weight and steering over the front wheel, while the back just does it's own thing to power you along - regardless which way it's pointing, so fuck knows how the guys on raked-out, rear-heavy, choppers managed to corner their bikes on the muddy oval. There were also some lovely customs and specials on display... Despite the unseasonally cool May weather it was a superb day out, and I sincerely hope it was enough of a success for Gary to justify doing all again next year, ...and if I can grow a pair, I'll be out on track.

This Beemer (above) stole a few first places in it's class

Brown dirt-track mud complements retro race paint perfectly.

I guess there wasn't a lower age limit?

I'm sure Gary will have more/better pics on the Sideburn Magazine blog, Sideblog. Go check it out - and don't forget to buy the latest mag while you're there.