DWM XJ750 A Another week, another display of fine two-wheeled Portuguese craftsmanship. Hélder Moura is the founder of Dream Wheels Heritage in Porto, one of the apparent epicentres for European custom motorcycle building. The City Fly and Copper featured in the 'Shed a few months back and were very well received. This XJ750 Scrambler has just been delivered to a delighted new owner down the coast in Lisbon. DWM XJ750 B Fellow countryman and visualisation wizard Richie Motorcycle Designs put together a render for Hélder to work to, highlighting the attributes of a less frequently used donor, Yamaha's four cylinder, shaft drive plain Jane from 1983. As we all know, the prices of traditional and exotic project bases are skyrocketing so why not look sideways for an alternative. A brace of cams, 3/4 of a litre, 80-odd ponies and low maintenance transmission; makes for a sensible recipe. And being the Seca model for faux-chopper lovers, the frame lends itself to the low and flat lines of a scrambler or brat-style builds. DWM XJ750 C To achieve a more nimble scrambler feel the obvious place to start was the fuel tank, so Hélder shortened and slimmed-down the XJ's original. To continue the flat bone line the stock subframe was removed and replaced by a neater handmade version, the cross stitched saddle is also an in-house fabrication. Hagon shocks prop up the new and improved rear end. DWM XJ750 D The trend for extreme knobblies seems to be waning and decent dual sport rubber is starting to feature more often on street based scramblers, in this case the tried and tested Metzeler Karoo 3 are fitted, 110/18 in the front and 140/18 out back. Fenders are hand rolled in-house, the rear being integrated with a bespoke LED tailight. DWM XJ750 EThe off-road theme is set by the headlight from a UMM 4x4, a Portuguese jeep type thing. Enduro fat bars are fitted with Biltwell Thrusters to match the seat. Mixing materials has also proved popular of late, here wooden foot peg inserts and a leather wrapped speedo soften the palette. DWM XJ750 F The engine and shaft drive was in rude health, requiring only a full service, carb balance and valve adjustment to ensure miles of trouble-free riding for the new owner. That said, a few decades of weather had taken their toll on the paint so this was stripped back and recoated. The stator cover received closer attention, with a mirror polished finish and engraving. Megaton reverse cone pipes deliver the noise without looking shouty, leaving the rest of the bike to do the talking. DWM XJ750 G With just a few builds under its belt Dream Wheels Heritage is certainly putting itself on the map, albeit one with quite a number pins already. There are build photos of this XJ over on their Facebook page and you can chat with Hélder about your project via his website.