The popularity of flat track racing in the UK continues to snowball and with it comes an unprecedented level of pro support. This year suspension gurus Öhlins have joined the fray and aim to assist riders and racers in the seemingly black art of suspension set-up. Check the press release below and keep an eye out for our review of Round 1, being held at Kings Lynn Arena this weekend.


DTRA FLAT TRACK NATIONALS ANNOUNCE ÖHLINS AS SUSPENSION PARTNER TO THIS EXCITING SERIES 05 April 2018, Öhlins are excited to be named as Partners to the 2018 DTRA Flat Track series, with a paddock presence at each of the action packed rounds. Silverstone based Öhlins Centre BG Motorsport will be on site in the paddock during the year offering suspension advice and servicing. The sport of Flat Tracking and its associated scene has been on the increase in recent years with a resurgence of interest, alongside many customized machines being created in a contemporary Flat Track style. Renowned Swedish suspension manufacturer Öhlins collaborated on some of these machines including a special series of Indian Motorcycles built by Krazy Horse, for use in the ‘Hooligan’ series, which will again be present within the DTRA Championship. The series has a number of different classes to cater for competitors of all ability levels and types of machinery, from converted motocrossers, modified road bikes and the big booming Indian Hooligan machines. The schedule will run at speedway circuits, dirt track ovals and there is even a high profile presence at the Motorcycle News Festival held at the Peterborough Showground. The winner of the series will be awarded a special Öhlins 40th Anniversary watch and the top Ohlins equipped rider will receive suspension service from BG Motorsport free of charge. Chris Witter, General Manager – Öhlins Distribution & Test Centre, commented; “Since attending The Bike Shed London event last year at Tobacco Dock as title sponsor we have seen a growing interest in the DTRA’s Flat Track race series, which appears to be following in the footsteps of the successful Amercian Flat Track series, to which Öhlins is also a partner. Since Öhlins’ DNA is within racing, we felt it was important to not only partner with the DTRA for promotional purposes, but for technical reasons also to ensure competitors are receiving the best advice in terms of set-up. Therefore our official service centre BG Motorsport has been selected to attend rounds and cater for the needs of our customers regarding set-up advice and servicing. We’re looking forward to seeing how the series develops and to enjoy some close racing!” For more info on the full line-up of Öhlins products visit and to learn more about the series visit