Red 1 The Shed would like to give a warm welcome to Paul from Eclectic Motorcycles in Bristol, as this is his first (which suggests there'll be more) build; and a bold one too. Paul and co are designers working in film and television that love to fiddle with bikes, like us, they've been into their bikes for years, ridding and tinkering with their more modern steeds. The desire to explore the world of classics and customs is a recent one, but we're glad they did! Red 4 Paul tells us 'When I bought the Velo I was searching for something that was old, unusual and the basis for creating something that felt like it had evolved. I wanted something that had history and felt like it was outside the obsessive world of the 'classic'. Red 7 We don't often see a Velocette on these pages, and this 1950 MAC looks like a right hoot, inspired by Indians and Wall of Death tracker bikes of old, Paul got underway making what was a blind purchase, basket case, into what you see today. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The bike started as an agricultural looking lump; when the term barn find is used, it may not always be as apt as it was for this, but Paul says 'the challenge has been getting a reliable, functioning bike without loosing the aesthetic, finding parts that are sympathetic and doing the work without loosing the look' The reliable part is generally the first thing we aim to achieve and it was no different for Paul, friends were involved early on; but most importantly so was an expert for the engine, notably Clive Repik in South Devon, he cleaned the engine up and dealt with the narrow problematic clutch. Nearly everything has been off the bike and either repaired or replaced with a used or interesting replacement. Red 2 Going back to the Wall of Death Indian Tracker Bikes, it was the original red paint that threw Paul in that direction and as you can see he ran with it. Pauls says 'I've carefully recreated the original red on replacement parts and hand painted things like the gold leaves on the tank, which I saw on an old tram in a museum. What I think I've achieved is something that feels like it has evolved from the original' OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eclectic Motorcycles plan to be more adventuress on future projects. They're currently working on a Triumph café racer which is fairly restrained, but has the same ethos. Evolution is the theme and the ultimate aim is an eclectic mix! Red 6 Just looking at this bike you know she'll crack, pop, whistle and bang... just to let everyone know she's coming, it's bikes like these that remind the rider they're alive, and without the need to beat gravity on the Wall of Death. Thanks for sharing Paul, be sure to let us see what comes of that Triumph!