Italian custom outfit Emporio Elaborzioni Meccaniche describe themselves as a collective comprised of Leo, Schizzo and Dopz, self-confessed "custom maniacs" who give "new life to nude & vintage motorcycles". Born in Rome back in a chilly February 2011 they have already put together and catalogued four beautiful builds, all of which we will probably feature on The Bike Shed, starting with this stripped-back-to-the-metal 1981 Motor Morini 350. "Treemmezzo" is "three and half" in roman slang and this is he moniker the guys have given to this build, which they wanted to be 'sporty and elegant' but not classic. After sorting the frame and making the seat (with the EE badge sewn on) in tan to match the brown grips, they simplyfied the electrics, mounted the tacho using a 13" wrench, added clip-on handlebars, Shinyo indicators, a pair of "salami slice" exhausts, painted the rims, flattened the front fender and the end result is this perfect little cafe/brat hybrid, finished in a bare metal look. What better machine to be tearing up the streets of Roma? See more lovely bikes from Emporio Elaborazoni HERE.