EE R80 THUMB 700 BMW Boxer twins are rarely described as 'elegant' but when you look close-up at the detailing and refinement on this airhead, the bike really does tick that box, and Dopz and the Emporio Elaborazioni crew who built the bike have reiterated the point by naming the bike 'Carnera', after the Italian world champion boxer, who they describe as being both big and elegant. Fair enough. EE R80 2 Based on an R80RT the bike was built for a customer in Tuscany who asked for a vintage enduro that would be both badass and elegant, so they took that brief and ran with it - and with great results. It's one of those bikes where the more you look, the more you see and appreciate. EE R80 3 As any regular Bike Shed reader will have witnessed, there are a lot of Boxer-based cafe/brat/scramblers out there, so it's not easy to make one that stands out, but the range and depth of builds that this platform gives birth to continues to impress us. This is another lovely example, with a character all of it's own. EE R80 4 They started at the back of the bike, cutting down and looping the rear of the frame with a little kick up at the back to give the rear tyre some air. The seat follows the frame lines exactly, not just along the base but right through to the sharply defined upper side as well. EE R80 5 The rear of the seat slopes downwards at the back to almost perfectly flow into the rear cut-down fender, while at the front the seat slopes upwards to meet the tank, which has been re-shaped to create a more slimline shape and complement the new lines of this carefully thought-out build. ...BMWs toaster has been tamed. EE R80 7 They also added a couple of extension nozzles to the tank which are bridged by a transparent tube to create an old-school fuel level (similar to their XJR 1200 Mastino build) which supports the overall vintage styling of the bike. EE R80 Fuel Line Another highly original touch is the use of Ducati Sport Classic 1000 GT side panels, which are very similar in design to the original 70's Ducati items - and look surprisingly right on the otherwise agricultural Bavarian airhead. EE R80 Sidecovers There's also a lot of hand-crafted brown leather, including the grips, a headlamp hood, the forks (where the reflectors used to be) and even the footrests. EE R80 8 The headlamp is a Lucas unit which has been modified to accommodate an inset voltmeter and warning lights, supported by a bracket made from a pair of spanners/wrenches - which is the Emporio Elaborazioni trademark. The headlight switch has been turned into the engine's off switch. The speedo is attached to the right fork. EE R80 6 The satin black handlebars are new enduro items wearing a new brake master cylinder with posh reservior and a new throttle to provide more modern, lightweight controls. The front is finished-off by a shortie aluminum fender. EE R80 9 Custom builders all have their own take on what to do with the rear airbox part of the boxer twin engine. When the carbs are wearing cones or bellmouths the space is sometimes left empty, otherwise special covers are made, or the battery creeps into this space - or even a toolkit. With the Carnera the guys chose to add a curved, colour-matched cover which they've used to accommodate the engine ignition key. Nice touch, and something we've never seen before. EE R80 11 As with all these high quality pro builds the electrics are hidden away under the seat, and we assume the battery is tucked neatly behind those pretty Ducati GT side panels. The exhaust is a hand made enduro-style 2 into 1, wearing a slash-cut end can - another unique touch. EE R80 10 As I write this feature up and look again in more detail at these photos it's clear that Leo, Schizzo and Dopz have worked really hard to build a bike that is very different from the rest. At first glance it may look like another quickly whipped-up R80/R100 scrambler, but the more you look, the more you see original touches and a real attention to detail. Take a close look at the black painted snowflake wheels, and how they've removed the paint from alternative outer spokes to highlight the shape. Lovely. We tip our metaphorical hats to you. EE R80 12 See more from Emporio Elaborazoni on The Bike Shed Emporio Elaborazioni pages or on their own Website. Photos are by Simone Giorgi Fotografo