Lifestyle photographer and flat track racer Caylee Hankins has been shooting at our shows since the early days at Shoreditch Studios. The immersion in the scene spurred Caylee to take her bike test, on a 1979 CB125, before moving onto a Ducati Scrambler. Not before taking two months off to ride the length of Vietnam. These days we can hear her coming on a modded GN250 but her passion for speed should see her astride something with more punch very soon.... Capturing the essence of this scene for clients such as Hedon, Sideburn Magazine, Rebells Alliance and Harley-Davidson has cemented Caylee's position as a go-to photographer when style and two wheels combine. With so much emphasis placed on the bikes we wanted to see the faces behind the builds so here are just a few of the one thousand images from Sunday 27th May. If you spot yourself and want a high resolution version please email Caylee here and make sure you follow her on Instagram. Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy a full size gallery. To commission Caylee check out her website and get in touch.